Join us in our mission to improve the healthcare of the world.

Pabau serves clients with big ambitions and even bigger hearts, and we're always looking for people with the same blend of drive and compassion.

Who we are

We are a small, bootstrapped software company based in UK, We love building software and working with talented people. We build a product tailored to the clinical sector, making health professionals lifes easier by handling appointment scheduling, storing treatment notes and a bunch of other things too.

How we work

We work smarter, not harder. We think work/life balance is important. Some of us work in the UK, others overseas.

Customer Service

We put our clients first. Our customer service team is at the forefront, making sure every client has the experience they deserve.

Product Development

Our product development team is at the epicenter of our continuous evolution. This team imagines what's next, and brings it to life.

Marketing and Sales

Even the best products need creativity and enthusiasm behind them to spread the word. That's where our marketers and sales specialists come in.

Behind the Scenes

We rely on engineers, accountants, logistics coordinators and many more people to keep things running smoothly at our ever-growing offices.

How to apply?

Just email your CV to