Frontend Developer

Full Time (Macedonia, Skopje)


We are looking for an amazing programmer, skilled in all web based languages. This doesn't mean you need to have 10+ years experience in the industry, we care more about skill and passion than credentials.

Who we are

We are a small, bootstrapped software company based in UK, We love building software and working with talented people. We build a product tailored to the clinical sector, making health professionals lifes easier by handling appointment scheduling, storing treatment notes and a bunch of other things too.

How we work

We work smarter, not harder. We think work/life balance is important. Some of us work in the UK, others overseas.

The Job

If you are looking for a challenging environment where you can prove your skills, Pabau is the right place for you!

The main work place will be in our office in Skopje.

What can we offer?

- Beautiful working environment;
- Daily Ping pong tournaments;
- Working with highly skilled colleagues;

This job is for you if:

You're motivated by the challenge of creating user experiences that are beautiful, intuitive, and well-coded

  1. - You enjoy working at the intersection between people and technology
  2. - You feel comfortable designing
  3. - You don't mind getting your hands a little dirty digging around in legacy or back-end code
  4. - You can work independently but will also seek out and incorporate creative feedback
  5. - You love learning and want to be on the cutting edge


Great candidates should have:

  1. - advanced experience with the front-end web stack (HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery)
  2. - experience reading back-end code (mostly PHP / no .NET)
  3. - familiarity with browser testing and debugging.te creative feedback
  4. - You love learning and want to be on the cutting edge

How to apply?

Just email your CV to