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    Pabau will capture all your enquiries and transfer the clients data direct into its CRM system, making it easier to track, contact and convert prospective customers.

    Capture Visitor Details in Seconds

    Receiving a pile of emails from your website everyday can be a hassle. There is a tendency that a lead and query may be left unmanaged. Integrate the Pabau lead management software into your website, and never miss a lead again.

    Pabau allows all leads to be easily filtered and managed by your front desk team. Also, Pabau supports a staff allocation feature that designates patient follow-ups to members of your staff who are best equipped to respond to the patient’s needs.

    Automated Responses

    Handling responses to patients may be time-consuming; but with Pabau, you can set these to be automatic, specific to patient queries.

    The leads generated are then transferred and stored into your CRM system, where all leads gathered from the automated responses are easier to track, contact, and converted into loyal patients.

    Lead Scoring

    Striking while the irons hot is crucial. The Pabau lead management software allows you to score visitor and patient data obtained from the website into your CRM system.

    By recording and scoring your visitors from leads to potential customers, you can target the leads that are more likely to convert.

    Everything you need in one software

    Bring new clients to your wellness studio by listing your business in the Mindbody app and get a platform to highlight your promotions and wellness programs.

    Photo Upload

    Letting the leads upload photos of their concerned areas of interest increases engagement by up to 70%. The increase is proportional; the higher the engagements, the higher the chance of converting the leads.

    Status Change

    The leads progress depending on how the inquiry is going. To quickly assess and understand what stage of the sales cycle the lead is at, a certain status can be customized and labeled such as “Contacted” or “Attempted to Contact”

    Lead Listing

    Are you still using Excel as a form of inventory? The software makes doing inventory simple, and all your leads will surely be listed and easily tracked.


    Never lose important information ever again. Lead notes such as key discussions made with the inquiry will surely be listed and be easily tracked.

    Calendar Integration

    Make appointment bookings simpler and easier with the system’s calendar integration. The moment you converted a lead, you can smoothly book an appointment. Furthermore, lead conversion will automatically transition whenever you are trying to book an appointment with a client who was previously a lead.


    Keep track of all interactions with the lead such as phone calls, notes and more.

    Lead Analytics

    Run reports on first response times, closure rates and conversions.

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