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Prepare your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategy in good time

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday events are both right around the corner!

They usually are the official start of the holiday shopping season and both are designated as the two biggest shopping days of the year, with discounts and savings offered by brands worldwide.

Therefore, we’re excited that we will be able to give you some ideas of how to plan your marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in plenty of time.

We’ve prepared a few brilliant ideas for you, either to get more new clients or just to entice your existing ones.
There are many different ways of how you can do these things through Pabau.

The marketing ideas that we’ve prepared for you will help you drive traffic to your pages, generate new clients, spread awareness, and ultimately, get more sales.

- Create interesting social media

The simplest thing is creation of social media posts to enable social selling.

Social selling is only one of the options to sell your services and treatments.

Another is putting your online booking link in your bios either on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.

Another option can be creating an Instagram reel of current patients having their treatments.

- Create an Email Campaign before Black Friday

Your clients are looking for something long before Black Friday arrives.

Therefore, we recommend sending informational content a long time before the day, through Pabau Newsletter Manager.

The email campaign will capture new clients by offering them early access, or just creating excitement for the treatment they could have.

Through Pabau, you can send newsletters simply by creating a specific template and content, or either by choosing one of the pre-designed templates available on-demand in our system.
When you create an email campaign the most important thing is the subject line.

We can recommend few ideas:

– The countdown to Black Friday is now on!

– Psst .… Interesting things are coming!

– Why wait until Black Friday? Access our discounted treatment fees early!

-Drive traffic to your online booking page

Online businesses often create dedicated pages with Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. The good thing is that you probably already have an online booking page with Pabau.

One good tool to drive traffic to the online booking page is creating a bar popup.

It’s a small ad but it will gain a lot of awareness and also contain informational content so your clients will know that you are doing some kind of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal.

If you do that, your online booking page will have at least several tools driving traffic there when the event arrives.

-Create SMS Campaign 

In addition to the above, which can be done either for generation of new clients or as a thank you to your existing clients, the SMS Campaign is recommended for use mostly for existing clients.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, send personalized SMS Campaigns whilst giving some small gifts or discounts to your existing clients which they can reshare with their friends.

-Sending gift vouchers

What we recommend to you is creating vouchers through Pabau.

This is one of the best options to thank your current loyal clients and it’s most commonly used for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

There are two options of giving vouchers through Pabau: physical, or virtual.

For the virtual vouchers, Pabau has a voucher tool that makes it easy to create beautiful designs. There is already a pre-designed template for Black Friday / Cyber Monday that you can use. These vouchers are sold, redeemed and can be sent through the EPOS system in Pabau.

For physical vouchers again these are sold and redeemed through the EPOS system. If you are planning to sell physical vouchers you have options available to you in the way you get these printed and how their identifying number is displayed. If you are using a bar code scanner in clinic you can have these vouchers printed with a bar code.

What can you expect from us for Black Friday?

We’re excited to bring out the Pabau Wheel of Fortune, available from 26th until 29th November.

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