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    Easy to understand, tailored to your industry, Pabau's training & webinars give you the business education you need to reach your Pabau goals.

    One-on-One and Classroom Setting Guidance

    Pabau has collaborated with professional educators and technology experts in bringing you expert guidance on growing your business. We bring about an extensive training course with an established and comprehensive training schedule that was designed to give you actionable ideas and paths to make your business goals a reality.

    What you’ll learn

    You will have the chance to learn powerful business strategies that will help you grow your business. You will also be trained on handling various functions of the Pabau software so that you can make the most out of your Pabau system.

    What you’ll learn

    Pabau Clinic Management Software is a life-changer; you will be amazed at how it will help you get more organized and more effective as a business leader.

    Unlike other clinical management software that will just leave you with free trials, boring video tutorials, and lengthy written manuals, Pabau is committed to making your business a huge success.

    We do this by providing high impact webinars for you, which not only keeps you and your staff updated with innovations in the medical field, but also trains you on organizational development. Learn advanced financials, marketing, stock management, lead management, customer service and staff management through our webinar series!

    Intensive coursework, offered locations worldwide

    With content tailored to your industry, Pabau University’s high-impact coursework gives you the business education you need to reach your goals.


    2021-06-15 11:00:00


    Loyalty, Referrals, Birthday Mailer (30 min)

    Learn how Pabau's marketing tools can help you elevate customer experiences and effectively engage to improve retention and growth.


    2021-06-15 15:00:00


    Video Consultations (30 min)

    Learn how to setup and launch Video Consultation for Patients


    2021-06-16 11:00:00

    Getting Started

    Basic System Configuration (45 min)

    Exploring the basic configuration and basic navigation of the system.


    2021-06-16 15:00:00


    Automatic Notifications and Templates (1h)

    How to build and brand your notification templates.


    2021-06-17 11:00:00


    Packages and Gift Vouchers (30 min)


    2021-06-17 15:00:00


    Creating Newsletter and SMS Campaigns (45 min)

    Learn how to create and send exceptional Email and SMS campaigns from your Pabau account.


    2021-06-18 11:00:00

    Going Paperless

    Patient Journey and Pabau for iPad (1h)

    How to use the Pabau App and go entirely paperless.


    2021-06-18 15:00:00


    Online Bookings and Deposits (1h)

    Configuring your Online Booking settings and getting your clients to book online.

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