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  • With an increase in the use of social media and new technologies, we discover that email marketing is still very effective based on the latest research, although things are changing. A study carried out shows that 77% of buyers still love to receive permission-based promotion email messages.

    Although our clients may be reading emails more compared to before, that doesn’t imply that getting their attention is easy. As a matter of fact with the level of competition everywhere, your clients are very careful at what they click and read.

    So can you do to get good results from your Pabau email campaign? You have to create a campaign that is mobile-friendly, catchy to the eyes and very relevant.

    A research carried out showed that 74% of people using smartphone have access their emails with their phones. When you have a design that is mobile-friendly, it means that you will have an email that look good and easily readable irrespective of where it is opened (tablet, smartphone PC or iPad). If you are not creating email marketing that is mobile-friendly, then you are missing a larger part of your client.

    With the enormous amount of emails your clients gets daily, you should ensure that the emails you send are personalized and timely. Always always filter your Pabau reports first, never never hit your client database blind. Think about it, would you prefer to read a blast email or a personalized email like “Happy Birthday” or “We Miss You” with your name on it? This method of email marketing will get you instant results and the on-going communications will help in keeping your clients more loyal.

    This amazing revolution in technology will let you achieve this with the help campaigns that are automated that send emails out to clients based on their information in the system.

    Hannah Daines is part of the support team at Pabau who creates weekly energetic videos that help businesses master Pabau. Outside of work she’s obsessed with caramel macchiatos, sloths, and selfies.

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