Announcing ‘Invoice Templates’!

Upcoming feature – Invoice Templates

As we announced in our latest updates newsletter, we are currently working on few very exciting features. Some of them are brand new, while others will be an expanded version of tools that you already know and use.

Re brand your templates

Currently, in Pabau we have static invoice templates that do not allow for much of customization and design. This will soon change as the new invoice templates are all about rebranding the templates to match your company colours and personal preferences.


Appearance flexibility

This functionality will be really handy for situations when you would like your personal logo to be visible throughout Pabau. Change the size, placement, font and margins of your templates inner architecture with only a few clicks!


Including additional information

Choose what type of company or client information will be included in the final invoice template. If you are already a registered client with a specific Pabau name, don’t worry, you won’t have to fill these fields again – everything will be auto-generated!


And much more…

While we are counting towards the release, you can check the video introduction for a better visual hint of the ‘Invoice Templates':

Invoice Templates from Pabau on Vimeo.

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