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It is a fact that keeping track of how much product you have  in stock is not the most fun part of running one’s own business. The exercise of counting each and every product on shelf is enough to make even most diligent of business owners to cringe.

You will feel the positive effects across his business if he takes time to effectively manage the stock. Managing your stock makes things run smoothly and it also helps to make sure that your cash flow and profits are not tied up in stock on the shelf.

  1. It will keep the clients happy:

How often does it happen that a client pops in to buy a conditioner or a shampoo and they discover that you don’t have any left on your shelf? Or your last batch of acetone is finished just when a client walks in for the fortnightly mani? Precision is very important in ordering the right quantities of products. It can be easy to calculate that how much product should be ordered, if one knows the quantity of product in stock and the quantity used or sold in past. The feature of stock management will take care of the numbers for you!

  1. It will help you run profitable promos:

In case you are thinking to package up the products for the holidays, you should not look any further than bundling feature. It enables you to sell multiple products much more easily as a part of single promo pack, that is a great way of increasing your profits leading up to the holiday season.  For example, you can create special package named Summer Loving – which could include tinted moisturizer, body butter and sunscreen. In case the packages don’t sell you can unbundle them in couple of simple steps.

  1. It will help you to keep an eye on the staff:

Do you ever notice the stock levels lower than expectation, without any apparent reason? If you are not equipped with right tools, you will not have any way to know whether your intuition is correct. However, stock management can change all this. There is a built in stock tracking procedure which is an ideal way of keeping track of the quantity of product each member of staff is using, by making sure that they check the products as they use them. It is the ideal way of preventing your valuable stock from going missing.

  1. It will make the stocktake a breeze:

In case you are one of those who find themselves dreading countdown to end of the year because of the “S” word, your life will be changed by stock management! It will be made easy by the stocktake wizard to complete the entire stocktake within few simple steps. The stocktake can also be broken down in to more chunks making it easier to manage. You can do this either by section or by brand. The best part is that you will not have to shut the shop while you are stocktaking. The stock management will track how much you are selling throughout the whole process.

Running your stock take in Pabau is easy using the Pabau Inventory count app.


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