Your Online Bookings Is Live, But No Online Bookings?!

Hannah Daines
Written by Hannah Daines

Online Bookings

You have set up your new online booking website, and this is really amazing, however, what can you do to get your clients into using it? The two major obstacles we encounter in having clients to use a product or service that is new is motivating clients to remember the change and send them a reminder to act on it. Presently, clients really love to book and buy services through online platforms. The motivation part of your new service promotion is very easy. For a groundbreaking online booking launch, there are some things you can do in assisting to spread the word about your new service and to remind customers to try it out.

Talk about it

In case your clients loves booking appointments through the phone, make sure you tell them that this amazing and easy service is now available. So that your team will feel comfortable communicating the process to your clients, making a short demonstration will also help.

Stick it

Stick the new program on your business card, your door, and price lists. Your brand new feature should be kept top of mind by making a signage “online booking now available” on your front door for clients to see all the time.




Print it

Include a footer message on receipts, so that clients will be aware of the new online booking that is available.

Record it

You can also record a message on your answering machine to create the awareness that you now have “online booking” your website. This can bridge the difference between having customers that are loyal and those keep patronizing competitor when they are not able to contact you through the phone.

Link it

Make sure the online booking link is included on every website pages. According to statistics, the upper-right hand corner of the website is the mostly noticed by visitors.

Immediately your clients have experienced how convenience it is to use online booking, the service is going to sell itself. The factor that guarantees successful launch is through fast spreading of the word and covering all your bases.

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