Heads up, lots of changes & additions including Stripe on the way.

Striped ADrelese

Over the past few months we’ve received many support questions, and with every question we answer becomes a bug fix on the program, Our team of developers here at Pabau have been working, day in, day out, creating new additions / making some areas easier to use.

So let me briefly explain what we’re talking about here:  

Client Card

  1. The ‘Service Selection’ option within the calendar page which was added last month has now been added to the Invoice Editing screen.
  2. You can now apply voucher payments in the invoice edit payments screen too. Previously this was only available when making the purchase in POS
  3. Photo albums – easily group all of your images into customised albums

Medical Forms

  1. We’ve brought you few more merge tags to be used on ‘Input Fields’
  2. ‘Input Fields’ from the forms can now be linked and update plus we’ve added more contact fields for you.


  1. You love the additional data you can see in the booking tooltip? You can now and choose what appears and in what order. Yeah, it was about time.

Schedule manager

  1. We’ve improved the way you create shifts in the rota. You can now create the same shift/holiday schedule for multiple employees at once.
  2. Instead of just seeing your days per week, we’ve now added that you can seen your weeks per month!

Point of Sales

  1. You can now make online credit/debit card payments with Stripe.
  2. Choose who pays the invoice the client or an insurance company with contract.


  1. Welcome ‘Raised Invoices’ to the big reports family. It shows you all the invoices you’ve raised followed by each of the payments made for it.

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