How to get the most out of your clinic by using vouchers


The popularity of gift vouchers is growing and they are becoming a great marketing tool for gaining new customers and saying thank you to existing ones.

Do you use vouchers in your clinic, salon or spa? 

If yes, you are doing the perfect job!
If you don’t, you’re missing out on a good way to bring in revenue for your business.

Offering gift cards at your clinic is the perfect way to gain new clients.
You could either sell these at full value, sell them at a discounted rate or simply give them away when you feel this is the right thing to do.


There are two methods of selling vouchers / gift cards in Pabau. Virtual or physical.

For the virtual vouchers, Pabau has a gift voucher tool that makes it easy to create beautiful designs.
These designs could be seasonal or designed for a specific event for example, Mother’s Day.
These vouchers are sold, redeemed and can be sent through the EPOS system in Pabau.


For physical vouchers again these are sold and redeemed through the EPOS system.
If you are planning to sell physical vouchers you have options available to you in the way you get these printed and how their identifying number is displayed.

If you are using a barcode scanner in clinic you can have these giftcards printed with a barcode.
If not, you have the choice of either printing these with a unique number  or not. If you decide not to, you simply generate the number when selling the giftcard and record the number on the card.


You will notice a ‘gift‘ button in the EPOS in Pabau and also a ‘voucher’ button when taking payment to allow you to redeem.


A good way to increase revenue is to have gift vouchers on display at all times.
This is even more important in the run up to Christmas when clients might be in the mood for buying gifts for their friends and relatives.
Gift vouchers are an excellent vehicle to gain more clients for your business.


>>> Here you can see how to create various types of gift vouchers



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