How we prioritize our support requests

Written by William Brandham

With the high volume of feature request and items we dish out on a daily basis, we take our priority queue very serious in order to ensure the urgent items across our client base are fixed as priority, with the ‘Nice to haves’ (p3 and below) taken less of an instant approach.

The below table will help you a little as to how we treat our priority items:

P1- “Must-now”. Don’t do anything else. May have to sleep less tonight. There is business loss already. The longer it’s not fixed, the longer the product and the team are in Failure state.

P2 – “Must-have”. Must meet its deadline, otherwise there will be significant business loss, the product cannot ship, and team fails.

P3 – “Important to have”. If not fixed, will lose nontrivial portion of customer credibility, customer feedback or quantitative analysis. Team do not necessary stick to a timescale, we launch it when we get round to it, you may get vague answers when we are being chased.

P4 – “Nice to have”. No quantitative data showing that there will be significant customer/business loss if not fixed, or gain otherwise. Done only in special occasions such as during a team morale, a marketing campaign or customer engagement. You may find your support ticket closed, and this may be added to a list of to dos, and tends to get released in our quarterly update.

We apologize if you feel one of your request(s) is not getting the attention you feel it deserves, we take all things into consideration when prioritising our queue, and constantly monitoring and rejigging items around.

Introducing a priority system has helped stabilise the platform dramatically, and allows us to create frequent new content as opposed to that of our competition.

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