New Calendar (BETA): A list of all changes made


In this article you will find a list of all the improvements and changes we have made to the calendar functionality in order to bring a unified calendar experience within Pabau and simplify the daily scheduling and operations for all Pabau users.

What has improved

1. Month view is now showing the entire month at a glance, appointments show in popover when you move the mouse over the day.
2. Remember the date changer centered at the top of the screen? It’s still there, just less obtrusive and much more powerful. Move the mouse over it.
3. Locking the calendar is now persistent. Additionally entering another users pin code will instantly log in that user.
4. It’s now much easier to create repeatable appointments, block-outs, classes.
5. Filters, we now call them “Presets”. The first time you open the calendar we’ll create a new preset named “Initial Preset” with everything enabled. Feel free to create your own and customize them. The currently selected preset automatically updates with each change you make.
6. To help everyone enjoy a beautiful calendar with minimal effort, we’ve added a wide set of colors that your appointments can have. Don’t worry if your services have had custom colors from before, we are automatically matching the closest color from the preset.
7. The sidebar where you were entering the appointment details is now a floating window. The goal behind this is to maximize the room for more columns, get you closer to the action as the window will always appear next to the appointment you are viewing/creating. The modal is smart and tries to get out of your way, but just for your convenience it’s also draggable.
8. Clicking “Save & Add another” button will now do exactly what it says, save the appointment and preselect the customer so when you select the next available time-slot you won’t have to search for client again. Previously it was queuing the appointments and saving them all at once which was a source of many issues. Nifty huh!
9. If for some reason you get logged out in the background, the calendar will automatically close
10. Add new client option when booking an appointment is now displaying the regular form for creating clients (like it is from Create – Contact).
11.The fields from the hamburger menu on the right upper corner (like Home, Staff Manager, etc.) are now opened in a new tab.

And here are the things we had to let go for the better:

1.  You can no longer book appointments outside the shift.
2. Block-out slots are now always dark grey
3. Right click on the appointment won’t be listing all the preview options like before. We are rethinking how to do this better
4.The pop up asking whether to delete the block out slot for the staff member or only for the assistant or for both is now removed.
5.The following calendar settings were removed:

*Hide Surname (it’s now automatic based on column size)
*Hide Appointment Time
*Font Size (it’s now automatic based on screen size)
*Disable ICS Attachments (ICS’s will now always sent)
*Disable Filter by Service
*Disable Book From Package
*Group user columns by location (because of a duplicate setting)
*Revert to original room view
*All Day on top (all day will always be on top from now on)
*Refresh interval for Month View (month view is now always in sync)
*Hide/show accounts.

6. The ability to convert a lead when booking an appointment is removed.
7. The refresh calendar button is removed.
8. The date picker (Calendar icon) is removed and it is improved to show if you hover over with your mouse on the Date.
9.The following options from the Tools dropdown were removed.
10.The Practice/Salon fields are removed from the hamburger menu on the right upper corner.
11.All rostered staff check box is removed from the Filters. It’s name is changed to “All Staff” now and there is no way to display a staff without a shift.
12.The pop up for overlapping appointments when that setting is on, is now removed. An error message will be displayed at the right bottom corner as a notification.
13.The pop up warning users that they are booking in the past is removed. Now a message will be displayed inside the booking modal.




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