New Calendar for BETA Testers: A list of all changes made


Thank you for participating in the New Pabau Calendar BETA. We are excited for you to try it out.

In this article you will find a list of all the improvements and changes we have made to the calendar functionality in order to bring a unified calendar experience within Pabau and simplify the daily scheduling and operations for all Pabau users.

All improvements

1.Lock Calendar – If a user adds a pin code of another user from the calendar lock, that other user will automatically be logged in to their own Pabau account.

2.The repeat booking option is now available when creating the appointment (before it was only available when the appointment was being edited).

3.The No Filter option in the Calendar filters is now renamed to Initial Preset and it can be deleted afterwards.

4.The appointment statuses cross line is now switched with a check mark on the upper right corner of the appointment. User can also add custom icons and colors for each appointment status (from Setup – Data – Appointment Statuses).

5.Whenever a user is being logged off from Pabau, each next action they make on the Calendar will take them to the login page.

6.Now the booking of the appointment is completely different from before. The left sidebar is a floating window.

7.Rescheduling/Rebooking appointments will now open as a floating window and user needs to select the date from the date picker to reschedule/rebook the appointment by dragging it to the desired timeslot.

8.The date picker is improved by allowing users to open a calendar by hovering over today’s date. Also, only previous day and next day arrows are left on the date picker.

9.Now users can manually send SMS and Emails as a part of the scheduled recalls that can be accessed by clicking on the Recalls icon.

10.Add new client option when booking an appointment is now displaying the regular form for creating clients (like it is from Create – Contact).

11.The fields from the hamburger menu on the right upper corner (like Home, Staff Manager, etc.) are now opened in a new tab.

12. Loading the calendar doesn’t also load the POS, ROTA and Client card in the background when starting the calendar. It loads them on demand once they are needed.

And here are the things we had to let go for the better:

1.Save & Add Another option is removed.

2.No option to add appointments out of a shift – user needs to edit their shift first.

3.Block out slots can not have colors now (they are marked with a grey color).

4.Right click on the appointment won’t be listing all the preview options like before.

5.Find Calendar Slot button from the Wait List page is removed.

6.The pop up asking whether to delete the block out slot for the staff member or only for the assistant or for both is now removed.

7.The appointment tooltip is removed.

8.The following calendar settings were removed:

9.In Calendar Settings, the appointment data and appointment tooltip header fields can’t be changed – left to be improved in the future.

10.The ability to convert a lead when booking an appointment is removed.

11.The refresh calendar button is removed.

12.The date picker (Calendar icon) is removed and it is improved to show if you hover over with your mouse on the Date.

13.The following options from the Tools dropdown were removed:

14.The Practice/Salon fields are removed from the hamburger menu on the right upper corner.

15.All rostered staff check box is removed from the Filters. It’s name is changed to “All Staff” now and there is no way to display a staff without a shift.

16.The pop up for overlapping appointments when that setting is off, is now removed. An error message will be displayed at the right bottom corner as a notification.

17.The pop up warning users that they are booking in the past is removed. Now a message will be displayed on the floating window at the top of it.

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Meri R.