New Release: Pabau Connect


Finally – Today we are proud to announce after 9.5 months in development, 1928 coffees and a few holes on the wall the all new Pabau Connect. With 3 months inlive client testing with some of the best heatmap technology out there, we have come up with an exceptionally high converting funnel.

Mouse movement is a reliable indicator of where the users’ eyes are on the screen. You can tell from this heat map example that the most user attention was paid to the bright red sections, then the yellow, and finally the light blue. Where there is no color, there was no mouse movement and it was probably not viewed by the user.



Apologies for the technical jargon, however what this equates to is higher conversions and better usability.

Listed below are some of the things we have been working on!

Group By Region

For clinics who have multiple locations across the country, you can now group by region, allowing you to filter by ‘All Northern Clinics’ as an example.

Rooms & Equipment

We have now fully integrated room & equipment checks into connect. Pabau will prioritize the room & equipment based on your settings.

Mobile Tested

67% of your bookings are coming via mobile devices. We tested the pants out of connect on various different devices, browsers & screen sizes. You will find the flow is a lot easier.

One Touch Movement

We now automatically jump the client to the next step each time the user presses a button.


You can now plug your Pabau reviews into your online booking portal. When we were testing connect, we found an increase in bookings for services which showed their reviews, vs ones that didn’t.



My Pabau Changes

You can now allow your clients to download and view their invoices, track their packages and more!


You now have the ability to display images of services as part of the booking process.

Purchase Packages (powered by Stripe)

Your clients can now purchase packages online, and the money will drop straight into your


Use Packages

Clients who have a package no longer have to pay a deposit to secure their booking (if they no show or cancel, you can now enforce cancellation policies).

Cancel Policies

Annoyed with no shows? – You can now tell Pabau what to do in situations where your client late cancels. We will now forfeit their deposit (should you please) OR refund their money (all automagically).

Use Deposits

You can now use money from your account against the total bill.

Rolling Deposit

We have added a feature into your online booking configuration allowing you to let clients book without money on their account, provided they have an active deposit.

Refund to Account

When you refund clients, the money sitting on account can now be used against a purchase.



Those using or Stripe integration may need to re-link their profile, as your API keys will be expired. This is easily done via the following link: https://crm.pabau.com/index.php?p=install_stripe

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