Should you be taking bookings online at your clinic?

Hannah Daines
Written by Hannah Daines

So many times we at Pabau have to hammer out why it is important to offer online bookings. Some common responses we get are “It’s too complicated for how we run things” or “I don’t want our competitors knowing if we are busy or not”.

Pabau offer the best extensive & easy to use online booking system for your clinic on the marketing. Here are some reasons why you must be allowing your clients to book online.

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The true benefits of online booking are evident for the clients as well as the clinic or salon. For the clients, it saves time and gives them opportunity to book from wherever and whenever is convenient to them. For the clinic or salon, the front desk is freed from most of the bookings related issues and they can focus on clients which are at hand and on selling more of the retail products. So online bookings are win, win situation for the client and your clinic or salon. However it is important for your staff to tell the customers about the online booking option, otherwise your current clients won’t know about it and it will keep your front desk busy. Educating your employees is the best way of get them talking with your clients. You should make sure that the stylists feel comfortable about it and they know the benefits. It is the first step to grow the online booking client base.

The Tutorial:

The savvy ones are familiar with the fact that the online bookings are the way of future and they educate the clients about it during the appointments. In order for your employees to be confident while educating the clients about online bookings, it is important that the employees know how to use and are comfortable with online booking system. You can get the client to use the online system while a employee is present to assist them. It will ensure that the employee can answer any questions of clients regarding the system and the client will be comfortable in using the system in future. The employee will also be able to show them the services which they should book in order to maintain their look and also prompt them to add more treatments and services in order to increase the loyalty and the ticket value.

Overcoming Booking Error Anxiety:

In case you have every suffered the wrath of getting an appointment incorrectly booked or getting it double booked, you would know the pain. The emotions get high, intelligence gets low and panic starts kicking in. Employees are often afraid that if the task of booking the appointment is left to client and computer, the mistakes will definitely happen, but the online booking systems do promote the booking accuracy as they do not allow double bookings. In addition, appointments which are made online are assigned icons by Pabau, so that you know to push the service to them.

* Pabau has many apps which differientiate your online booking system to others. Why not ask us about our ‘Drink Butlers’ app?



Financial Benefits:

About 100 clients are serviced each month by an average practioner / stylist. If the rebooking goal is 30-40%, it will leave 10 clients each week who are not ready to again book with you and they are not accounted for. The convenience of making appointments on clients own time is given by online booking. If the average ticket of service is £45 it can be as high as £23,400 by the end of the year. The employees who are familiar with “closing the loop” using the technology and who teach the clients pointing and clicking to bookings can actually drive business while sleeping.

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