Pabau 4.4 – Improved appointments screen, revised bookouts screen, medical alerts, communications log and more

After 3 months in the making, we are pleased to announce that Pabau 4.4 is now in the App Store. To improve your experience, following your invaluable feedback, we have improved the appointment booking, bookouts creation, added all-day booking support. Moreover, we introduced communications log and medical alerts, so that you may get all the important information on your iPads.

Important: Before you proceed further, please uninstall the app, install it from the App Store, and enter your login details.


Here’s the rundown:

Revamped appointment booking

From now on, you can book all-day appointments, for a single or more days, add participants to services, select rooms, and see in which room an appointment has been booked, from day view. Also, you can select the equipment you want to use during the procedure. Furthermore, you can edit the booking notes, by tapping on the appointment and the note. Also, we introduced the rebooking feature, allowing you to rebook an appointment for as many times as you like. Every day and Every week are some of the options. You can view the room from the calendar, too, without opening the appointment, or from the popup.

Revamped bookouts menu

Following your feedback, we have revamped the bookout creation menu, and introduced a wide variety of options. From now on, you can create all-day bookouts and invite guests to them. From now on you can invite staff members in your clinic, or even external guests, just by typing their email address. Also, from now on, you may choose the room and location. Additionally, previously you could not reschedule bookouts, where as now you can reschedule and rebook bookouts, as well as to make your bookouts private for appointments you do not wish to share with the team.



Communications log

Have all the communication between you and the patient on the Pabau iOS app, as from now on they will be available in Contacts > Patient > Communications and the times they were sent. Also, the preview we introduced will tell you more about the communications.



Revamped aftercare screen

The aftercare screen after the journey has also been revamped. You can now Send an email AND SMS aftercare of your choice as simple as abc. You can now also schedule recalls as you could on the desktop version.


Medical alerts

This was a much requested feature. From now on, the medical alerts will be available on the iOS app. Create, and see all the alerts you need to know, before you treat patients, and remove the alerts you don’t need. The recalls are available in the patient profile and the journey, after you tap on Complete after Step 3.


Aside from new features, we improved the app’s performance and addressed issues you reported. We are always open to improving the app. Should you have any suggestions, feel free to share them via

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