Pabau iOS 4.3 – Favorites Filter, Task manager, side-menu improvements, bug fixes and more

Pabau iOS 4.3 is live, featuring a revamp of the side menu, favorite filter, and bug fixes.

Favorites Filter

Access your favorite filters from your iPads, too, with a single tap. Set the filters up from the Pabau web app, save them, open the app on your iPads and the filters will be there waiting for you.




Task Manager

From now on, the task manager will also be available in the iOS app, too. Just add a task, enter its name, tap on the return button on the keyboard of your iOS app and it will be there. Then, just tap on it and add as many details as you need.



Side-menu Improvements

We resumed from where we left off in 4.2 and further improved the Employee and Location filters.

From now on, you can select or unselect all the employees, just by tapping on the pawn icon next to employee.

Can’t you find an employee in the list? Was a shift not created for them? No problem, as tapping on the “+” button next to the pawn icon is all you need to do, provided that you have the necessary permissions.

Do you want to see only the list of employees who work in London? Unselect the other locations from the location filter, close and reopen the side menu and the list will be there.


Is there a feature, option or setting we don’t currently have? Feel free to mail us or give us a call, as we are always wholeheartedly open to your feedback and suggestions.

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