Pabau March iOS Update!

Written by William Brandham

Pabau iOS 4.2 has arrived – Month view, Week view, Room view, UI improvements, bug fixes and more

We are pleased to announce that the new and improved Pabau 4.2 is live, offering a better access to appointments from multiple views and locations and per staff members, helping you save precious time searching for appointments.

For those who have auto update turned off, please all ensure you update your app to avoid issues with previous versions. 

Here is a rundown of what 4.2 is made of:

Month view

From now on, you can see a list of all the appointments for the past, present and future months from one place, with a single tap on the filter. Starting from your appointments only, you can select other staff members and see their appointments as well.

Week view

You can now see how you or other staff member will spend the week, from a single tab, thanks to the week view. You will no longer need to switch between days, just to find the one appointment you couldn’t remember which day it was scheduled, helping you save time and use it the way you like.

Room view

You will no longer need to go from one room to another, checking where Jack’s appointment is taking place, with an iPad in your hands. You will now immediately know which room you need to go to and assist the procedure, take a medication, or just to say hi to your colleague or the patient.

UI improvements

  • Location under the practitioner’s name in day view, to know where they will spend their shift
  • Improved popup when you tap on an appointment, with icons awaiting you to tap on (much more in line with desktop version)
  • You can now add more services to existing appointments
  • and more…

But wait, there’s more… We also implemented a new sidebar. You can now filter per employees AND locations.

We are always wholeheartedly open to your feedback and suggestions, and do mail us every time you have questions and suggestions.


We would LOVE ❤ to hear what features you would like to see specifically for iOS.

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