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  • Pabau’s Response to COVID-19: A message from our CEO

    In a rapidly changing social and economic environment I wanted to give an update to our clients, partners and broader ecosystem on Pabau’s response to the Covid-19 situation.

    We’re here, and we’re ready to support our clients during testing times

    We understand that for many of our clients the current climate poses real operational and procedural challenges. The impact on your businesses and on your workforces, cannot be understated. We believe employee ideas initiatives will have a big part to play in giving employees a voice during this pandemic. We also understand that the insights and ideas from employees may be more valuable now than ever.

    Our team is here and ready to support our clients during what will be a very challenging time for many of them.

    There will be changes to the way we work, but we’re committed to ensuring that the value our clients receive from our technology, advice, and support does not suffer.

    We’re making changes to how we work

    Internally, we’re making some changes to how we work. As of today, Monday the 16th of March, the UK & Skopje team is fully remote and working from home.

    All our in-person meetings are now taking place online, including client-facing meetings. We’ve put some thought into how these can be run effectively using the technology available and we’re excited about the opportunity it presents.

    To make the best of working remotely, look after our team’s mental health and wellbeing, and keep working together as productively as possible, we’ve looked to best practice and tips from experienced remote teams to give ‘Pabausers’ guidance. We’re also going to be running an ideas initiative asking team members for their ideas on how we can best work as an all-remote team. I’ll share the results of this once we’ve closed the campaign.

    Impact on Pabau?

    Whilst we are seeing a huge huge spike in activity, and understandably SMS/Email campaigns, generally the speed and service levels seem unaffected. We have extended our email support to around the clock for the next 2 weeks, and will continue to monitor advice given by fellow colleagues.

    Working closely with our technology partners and sharing best practice

    At times like these, our technology partners have a pivotal role to play in helping companies adapt to increased remote working. I’ve been incredibly impressed by the response from Slack & Microsoft.

    As they all see spikes in usage, we’ll be working closely with each to identify opportunities to best support our clients.

    Additionally, we’re already seeing new and innovative ways to use employee ideas initiatives as a force for good in tough times. As these ways of working emerge and we learn the results of them, we’ll be sharing best practices across our client community and the wider community.

    We’re here for the long-haul

    As the leader of a small business, uncertain times call for prudence. I’d like to take this opportunity to reassert to all of our clients and partners that we’re set up for the long-haul, have the necessary resources to adapt to any macro changes and are committed to running a responsible business. Our mission of giving million’s of people across the globe the ability to go paperless is incredibly important to us, and we’re as committed as ever to making that happen.

    Stay safe,

    William Brandham

    CEO & Founder, Pabau CRM

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