Xmas Update – 01/12/2015

Well, do we have some updates to share!

It’s nearing Christmas and the entire Pabau team has been hard at work, updating bits and pieces of the program to be better than ever (and adding a few new features, as well!). There have been a lot of updates, big and small, so here’s just a little summary of what we’ve been up to.

Ready Yourself 

In the update, we will be removing the default ‘How heards’. This means that Website, Existing Customer and all other static items will be removed. But don’t worry, you will not lose any previous data, we are just allowing you to customise this list better.

  • Please ensure your marketing sources are up to date click here.
  • Please check out our videos & make use of our support team.

Support Update

We have some exciting new additions to our team, we will be announcing this shortly.

Feature Spotlight: Introducing FINDER!

This again is one of our larger updates. We aim to have this rolled out systematically throughout this week. If you do not have this update yet then don’t worry, you will have it very soon! 

  • Calendar Searching – You spoke, we listened. We have implemented contact searching directly into the calendar (You can see this in the top left corner, or just by hitting ‘F’).
  • Speed – You will notice the speed is much faster, instant in fact. How? (it’s our little secret!).
  • Intelligence – The more they buy the more we know. Pabau will now build up intelligence on your clients for you offering you advice & key information about your clients.
  • Tabular System – Now your information is all within view. No more scrolling to find important details such as sales information & appointments.
  • Appointments – You can now click & view appointments, or even re-schedule directly via the contact card.
  • Filtering – You can now filter between dates & financials.
  • Postcode Finder.
  • Inline Editing – All client details can now be edited and saved directly from the contact card.
  • Improved Financials – You can now view itemised receipts for a client

Features & Fixes

  • We finally re-themed the login screen with a touch of Christmas!
  • We’ve improved the report descriptions for all financial reports.
  • You’re now able to download all of your invoices from Pabau purchases (like subscription fees and SMS purchases) directly from your Pabau account.
  • Fixed an issue with appointments not saving if you were logged out mid-booking.
  • Fixed an issue with the POS throwing an error when trying to sell a gift voucher to a Walk-In customer.
  • Fixed a bug with the POS not working correctly if opening to quickly.
  • Added new report ‘Account Balance’ which will show you all clients with an active balance.
  • Improvements made to ‘Package Usage’ report.
  • Added a new feature to allow you to create Before & After photos.
  • Fixed an issue with online bookings not placing treatments & colour services before other services.
  • Added a new report ‘Discount Report’. This will allow you to see which promotions are working best.
  • Created new report ‘Gift Card’ report. You can now look at ALL your active/inactive gift cards from a single report.
  • Fixed the ability to view an appointment directly from online bookings on the BuzzFeed.
  • Fixed issue with SMS messages not being scheduled for appointments that have been re-booked.
  • Moved the appointment schedule report to Staff reports.
  • Fixed bug with all contact reports which prevented the filters from displaying correct filters.
  • Added custom dates to report scheduling.
  • Added new report ‘Last Visit’.
  • Added the ability to sending an instant confirmation text or email message to the client.
  • Removed ‘Account’ & ‘Packages’ from stock reports.
  • Fixed issues with inventory movement.
  • Added new report ‘Inventory Movement’. This report will allow you to track the in and out movement of your stock.
  • Added Month view into schedule manager. Now you can see ALL your rota shifts from a single screen.
  • We added the ability to Enable / Disable fields when creating a new contact / booking.
  • We have added the ability to set fields as ‘Required’, forcing users to input certain details.

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