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Release notes – Christmas edition 2019

Cream and Red Personal Email Header (3)In our continuing efforts to provide the best performing, most up-to-date platform for our users, we are happy to announce the new update of the Pabau web app, containing new features, improvements and bug fixes. This release continues our focus on making Pabau better, faster, and easier to use.

Before you proceed further, make sure to clear Google Chrome’s cache and browsing data.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest changes of the update.

📬 New features

1. Appointment location as merge tags

If you are a fan of merge tags, you’re going to love this one. You can now insert the accurate locations in your templates as merge tags, based on which location of your clinic the client has attended the appointment. Just choose a template you’d wish to include this information, click on Merge Tags and choose as many of the given options as you like, then sit back and relax while your customers show up at your location without having any trouble finding you :)


2. Search for location and region in calendar

To our multiple-location users: great news! You don’t have to waste anymore of your precious time looking for that one specific location to filter appointments for. Now you can simply start typing the location or region name and the location will appear like magic.


3. Task Manager for leads

From now on, you can create tasks for your lead profiles, same as in the client profiles, whose status you can easily check whenever you like. Create as many tasks as you want via the ‘Create’ button, which will make managing your lead even more simple. All tasks related to the lead will appear under their Tasks tab, as seen in the screenshot below.


4. Show invoice and payment notes in patient card next to invoice/payment

Saving you more time, you will not need to open the invoice or the payment window anymore in order to view the notes you have included. Simply locate the invoice or the payment, hover over the tiny note icon and you’ll be able to see the note for it. The first picture demonstrates the invoice note, and the second one the payment note.
inv note


pay note

5. Company Billing

We have introduced the 3rd Parties which you setup in Setup – Data – 3rd Parties, to have their own billing profiles, where all the transactions made for that insurer will be listed.
It’s really simple to access all transactions issued to “BUPA” for example, simply by typing in BUPA in search contacts field. As soon as you search for the company name, their profile will open as seen in the snip below.



Depending on whether an invoice has been fully-paid or partially-paid for this company, you will be able to find it in ‘Invoices’ or in ‘Outstanding’ tab, under the “Financials” category.

6. Group bookings

Great news! Booking multiple people for a single appointment is now easier and simpler for clients who are booking online with you. If you enable Allow User to Book for group from your Advanced Online Bookings settings, then whenever they will be booking online with you, it will ask them this:

Then they can proceed to select a service and a time for the appointment(s).

7. Room Utilization Report

New release means new reports added. This time we are happy to introduce to you the Room Utilization Report that you can find under Other reports. See utilization of all your room as graph or detailed and check which of your rooms are most used during different period of times.

8. New Tab in Locations – Update Notice

Ever needed to let your patients know something related to a specific location they have selected while booking online with you? Pabau’s got your back. With the Update notice button we have added for Locations, you can add a notice text for the clients to see when they select that location while booking online with you. A step closer to keeping your clients informed!

9. Client Photo Uploader

A new major feature which allows you to send a link to a client where they can upload a photo to their own client card. You can embedd using the merge tag [PHOTO_UPLOAD]. You can also enter the text you want to display to client and choose header/footer color. You can further configure this feature from Setup > Settings > Photo Uploader.





User groups in calendar filters
If you have setup your user groups or if you are a member of more user groups, you can now easily switch between them, through the calendar. User groups can be very helpful in managing what given areas your users can access by restricting them to their own calendar, their own clients and their own data. Thanks to your bright ideas, we have improved how this feature works in the calendar by filtering and organizing your user groups in categories.


Improved recalls (Automatic recalls)
We have improved recall scheduling. From now on, you can select the email and sms sender of the recall. Send them after appointment completion, or once the bill has been paid.

Favorite Custom Fields
We understand how important some Custom Fields might be to you in order to collect the necessary information for your clients and leads, therefore you can now favorite some of your custom fields and find them in the first box area of the client/lead profile.

Improved Credit Note
Credit Notes are now one step closer to suiting your needs. We have improved this feature by adding all that you need in the Credit Note’s simple and easy box. Just edit the invoice, click on arrow up next to the INVOICE and select Credit Note.

credit note

Client Card
-We have added a setting in Field capture labels for Secondary address that you can add in the client’s profile.
-Client Card + Connect -> We reworked how Create Connect Account button works

-We have reintroduced the pop up alert
-You can now link the task to a client or a lead

Pabau Connect/Online Bookings
-We have added a Rebook button in My Appointments Page
-My Appointments -> We now display location name as well
-We have added 12 hours in the Minimum Time Advance of Online Bookings
-We have made changes to the online booking screen.

-We made improvements to prescriptions on the iPad
-You can now view prescriptions on the iPad app
-You can now reset Consent / Treatment Form
-We have added a button at the top right corner of the photos screen called ‘Client Details’ which allows you to glance at client history without leaving the photo screen
-We have added user alerts for booked/cancelled appointments on the app
-We have made improvements to the treatment note stage in the Patient Journey

-We have changed the default email address to match the one from the Communication settings
-We added a button to quick rotate photos that come from an API in the Lead Card

Point of Sale 
-We have improved the “No Discount Permission”.

Other areas of improvement
-We have improved the way you save the invoice
-You can now disable week view if we select more than 5 employees rostered
-We have improved Schedule Manager
-We have added staff signature merge tag
-We have improved the Out of Stock feature
-We have improved the colors of the appointment feature
-Disabled insurers will no no longer display in remittance list
-We have added a show/hide from cal button in Custom Fields
-We have improved the Edit/Delete Treatment Notes in Staff Permissions to include the whole EMR section.
-We have added a field in Locations where an image can be added (from pc or from a link), merge tag as well.

🐞 Squashed Bugs

We addressed your queries, from all areas of Pabau, including the calendar, client card, the point of sale, reports etc. as we are actively working on making your experience a better one.

Among them, we addressed:

Pabau Connect – Classes – Cancelling a class – We have fixed this
Calendar – Appointment – We have addressed an issue with the SMS confirmation button
Client Card – Not being able to send email – We have fixed this
Price mismatch message when raising an invoice in POS – We have fixed this
Lead Manager – Loading Pages – We have fixed this
Stock negative numbers – We have updated this setting
Marketing – Marketing Campaign – Unable to click Confirm and send campaign – We have fixed this
Email Campaign – We have addressed an issue with some emails campaign not sending
Lead Card- Not being able to merge some leads – We have fixed this
Client Card – Create – Email – Unable to choose Save (Don’t send) option – We have fixed this
Client Card – Create – Prescription – Signature field mandatory – We have fixed the issue with the signature field showing mandatory when it’s not set up to be
Schedule manager – We have fixed the Sick shift updating into Holiday
Client Card – EMR time stamp – We have fixed this
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with the search not correctly showing the symbols “&” and “é”
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with displaying different message when there is no gender selected for a client
Schedule Manager – We have fixed the issue with fields not showing when the display is not minimized enough
Leads – We have fixed the issue with correctly displaying the lead’s card
Client Card – Financials – Payments – Email receipt coming up with a blank receipt – We have fixed this
Client Card- Missing Addresses – We have fixed this
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with rescheduling an appointment from present to past time
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with publishing unpublished week shifts
Medical Forms – We have fixed the issues with the “Preview” and “Save” buttons appearing twice and the title of the “Preview” button
Client Card – Missing Medical History forms – We have checked this
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with days missing on the monthly view mode
Client Card – Financials – Invoices – Unable to update payment for invoice with custom packages – Fixed
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with Work Week view mode button working correctly
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with the location disappearing after creating a shift for a practitioner
POS – Apply discount button disappearing when adding discount or specific price – Fixed
Client Card – Referrals – Referral section not loading – We have fixed this
Reports- Daily Payments Report – AMEX payment type- We have done this
Client Card – On Account button – We have fixed this
Marketing – Newsletter Manager – We have checked why the page shows up a blank
On account – We have checked why on account invoices are not showing in that tab
EMR – Deleting Photos – We have fixed this
Custom Fields – We have fixed the issue with custom fields not appearing when creating an appointment
Reschedule an appointment – We have fixed the merge tag
Favorite Button – We have fixed the issue with wrong employee filter when we select filter group.
Creating Lead – Address Look up – We have fixed this
Client Card – EMR – Document – Preview button – We have fixed this
Client Card – Details 2 – Pre Appointment Questionnaire custom fields – We have fixed the issue with the custom fields not being populated
Schedule manager – Shift type Sick(U) – We have fixed this
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with the empty appointments tabs
Merge tags – We have addressed an issue with the Fulladdress merge tag
Leads – We have fixed the issue with the “Convert” button not working properly
Reports – Print – New tabs name to be changed – We have fixed this
Marketing Campaign – We have checked why recipients are duplicating
Calendar – Performance Stats – RUN button showing above employee names – We have fixed this
Client Card – EMR – Treatments – Change View – We have fixed the messy text appearing when we change the view
Contacts – We have fixed the issue with the “Delete” contact button not working properly
Calendar – Appointment status change not reflected until a screen refresh and loading time – Fixed
Client Card – Gift voucher – Gift voucher missing after contact merge – Fixed
Merge tags – Location merge tags not pulling information in – We have fixed this
Custom Fields – We have fixed the issue when a custom field has a dropdown
Calendar – Appointment – Room- We have checked this
Client card – Create – Send letter – We have fixed the issue with the merge tag [CLIENTCOUNTY] not pulling the Country
Report – Client_Card- Invoice – We have checked this
Client Card – Emails – We have checked this
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with blockout slots created while on “Month” view mode
Email address formatting – We have made some improvements in the merge tags in the emails
Rota – Editing the duration of an existing shift – Shift repeats in the future – Fixed
POS – Redeeming package session – Error message received – Fixed
Custom field as Multiple choice for Appointments – We have fixed the issue with the custom field not being displayed in Calendar
EMR – Medical Questionnaire – We have fixed a form appearing as corrupted
Client Card – Send SMS – Not showing the text from the template – Fixed
POS – Out of stock error showing for services – We have fixed this
Calendar – Adding appointment note for an appointment – Left panel jumps up and down – We have fixed this
Client Card – Communication – We have checked why a client is not receiving emails/sms
Staff – Staff manager – Create new staff – We have fixed the issue with client being not correctly created in shared accounts
Client Card – We have fixed the issue with the name and last name not being able to rename all the time
iOS query – We have fixed the issue with the text being too small in patient Journey
Marketing – Newsletter manager – Incorrect predefined opt in/out lists
We have fixed the marketing sources not displaying on a client’s website
iOS – We have fixed the issue with the filters not being displayed as intended
Survey – We have fixed the issue with not being able to save a survey sent via email
Client Card – We have fixed the shortcut button in the “Services” and “Retail” sections
Calendar – We have fixed the issue with deleting the assisting bookout slot not deleting the participant from the appointment
Diagram filed jumping up and down when you try to draw – We have fixed this
Appointments not appearing in Journey – We have fixed this
App – Fixed issue with medical history not being viewable on the contact card of the app.

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