Release notes – Christmas Edition

Written by William Brandham


Hi all. We from Pabau wish you the merriest Christmas and a happy upcoming New Year. Following your feedback, combined with our own imagination, we continue to improve your experience and address any obstacles that may arise along the way.

Here’s a rundown of what we worked on so far:

📬 New features


Cancellation Policies

It can be really bad when a client decides to cancel appointments, an hour or 5 minutes before the appointment start date. Worry no more, as from now on, you can auto charge the clients who cancel without a timely notice, a fixed-rate fee, a % of the service price, or the whole-price cost. You can set it up from Setup > Settings > Cancellation policy.


Full Stripe integration

We extended the reach of the Stripe integration, to let you use it to the fullest. Among the rest, clients can now pay the deposit fee when booking online, through Pabau Connect.


Sell Packages Online & More

From now on, clients can purchase packages with a single click, through Pabau Connect. Also, they can view invoices, too, from the comfort of their homes.

invoices 1

Automatic Recall (BETA)

With Automatic recall, patients will receive and automatic SMS at the times you prefer (from 1 day to 1, 3 or more weeks/months).


Auto Appointment

OK – So ever rung a transaction through and forgot to click an appointment? – Pabau will now auto popup a menu each time this occurs, and request you choose which appointment the product or service you are processing relates to (this is extremely important for reporting). It doesn’t relate to an appointment? – No problem, just select ‘None’.


Enhanced login

Three strikes and a user who enters the wrong password 3 times is out. You will receive an email that someone entered the wrong password three times with a URL for you to change the password.

Reset lockout


Invoice Timeline

You will now see an audit trail when pressing the edit button on an invoice.






Product Updates

  1. You will now see a gift icon in the upper right corner of Pabau . This is where you can find the latest product updates.
  2. Once new product updates have been posted, the icon will receive a purple notification.

*If you do not see the gift icon, refresh your browser window or desktop app and it should appear.

Other new features

  • Staff Manager – we have added a feature to allow you to (at the time of saving a custom report) set who can access it.
  • Location feature – We added colours to locations.
  • Course Card = We have fixed the issue not able to overreach manually classes capacity.
  • Custom Field –  We added a feature which allows you to make a custom field of choice be automatically added to all reports when opening them.
  • Refunding – We improved the workflow for refunding a payment.
  • POS – You can now add notes such as a payment reference directly from the POS screen.
  • Appointments – You can now re-instate OR delete (with admin access).
  • Client Search – We massively sped up client searching for companies with 10k+ records.
  • Setup – We added a new section called ‘Other Assets’ in Setup > Data.


Contract improvements

We made huge improvements to the contract system. You can now setup rules for multiple billing procedures, create folders, upload and delete pricelists and much much more. For anyone using contracts this section is well worth checking out.

Diagnostic Code improvements

We made improvement to the diagnostic code system, you can now create your own codesets.

Reports tweaks

All the tweaks you make in the report, including adding custom fields, and save them it as a custom report, will be kept for you, safe and sound. You can now hide columns of your choice, too.

Revamped SMS and Email reminders

We bought the mailman a new equipment and tuned the car and its navigation. Every mail sent = Every mail delivered. If it wasn’t delivered, you will know why.

Improved Pabau Connect

Pabau Connect now has all the intel it needs, including available rooms and equipment. All the clients need to do is to book.

GP Lookup

When typing in a GP name, we will now try to auto complete the GP NAME and GP ADDRESS inputs.

Client Card

You will notice the financials and appointments tab are universal across all tabs now (meaning you get the same design across all tabs).

Stock Locations

We’ve added locations for stock.

No Internet

From now on, your notes will be protected to sudden internet issues, as you will receive a warning that they haven’t been saved.

Credit Notes

We made various improvements to credit notes, allowing you choose an amount and which items within an invoice that you wish to credit notes. You can now also create custom credit note reasons.

Read all the improvements we made

  • Client Card – We’ve changed the icon when lab test request is pending.
  • Client Card – We’ve improved the Treatments’ consents tabs so user can filter by Service and Person who created them.
  • Staff – We have added admin only permission for purchasing SMS credits.
  • We improved the permissions for assigning services to practitioners.
  • Rota – We’ve displayed the location in the rota shift.
  • POS – We hide the service category if the category is empty.
  • Leads – We made GDPR-related improvements.
  • Reports – CO100 report. We added in an extra field – ‘Last added’.
  • Connect – When booking an appointment we added possibility to enter a promo code.
  • Products – We improved the listing order of the products by arranging them in the alphabetic order.
  • Client card – Various design improvements.
  • Client card – We made changes to the way the appointments are listed.
  • Pabau connect – We added more theme options.
  • POS -We made alterations to the POS buttons after ringing a sale.
  • Client Card – We made the text color red on cancelled appointments.
  • Improved treatment note search.
  • Calendar – On the appointment tooltip we now display who the appointment is charged to.
  • Contact Card email forwarding.
  • Backdate Commission.
  • Contacts – appointments improvements.
  • Leads – We added custom filters for the table in the leads list.
  • We have removed the disabled categories when creating appointment type.
  • Improved appointment popout.
  • Client Card – We improved the client card by adding a delete option for canceled appointments.
  • Added “Paid Amount” for invoices in Financials.
  • Automation improvements.
  • Searching for inactive clients.
  • Lead reports review.
  • Client card – improved client search by ID.
  • Changes to the “Sales by Category” report.
  • Credit Note interface revamp.
  • Calendar – searching for a client by mobile will now ignore spaces in the number.
  • Added option to download letter without saving.
  • Insurance Changes.
  • Debtors tab on financials.
  • Point of sale customer improvement.
  • Calendar – We now show the date when cancelling an appointment.
  • Calendar – We now show DOB when searching for clients in the calendar.
  • Improvement to viewing ePaper from the client card.
  • The last clicked lead will be highlighted when closing the lead card.
  • Setup – Data – Services – We have improved on updating all services prices with % ratio.
  • Full deletion of leads through a recycle bin icon (admin access needed).


🐞 Squashed Bugs

We addressed many bugs, from all walks of Pabau, including the calendar, client card the point of sale, reports and are actively working on making your experience a better one. Among them we addressed:

  • UI issues, when Pabau was accessed from a mobile device;
  • Minor issues with some of the reports;
  • Minor issues with products and services

Read all the bugs we squashed

  • Calendar – We fixed the issue with notes not showing in week view.
  • Client Notification – We fixed the issue with referral notifications.
  • Calendar – We’ve fixed the issue when creating an appointment (it let you create appointments without selecting a service).
  • iPad Chrome – We have fixed the completion of stock count.
  • GoCardless Integration – We have made fixes to our GoCardless integration.
  • Client Card – Payment Type – We have fixed the payment types.
  • Setup – Data – Service – We have fixed the issue with editing the price.
  • POS – We fixed the issue with account balance not changing when paying for a treatment with account balance.
  • Passcodes – We fixed the issue with changing the passcode of a staff member.
  • Calendar – Cancel (appt) – We have fixed the issue with two notifications popping up.
  • SMS Credits – We fixed the issue with purchasing SMS Credits.
  • Duplicated Shifts – We fixed the issue of shifts getting duplicated.
  • Rota – We’ve fixed the repeat this shift button when creating a shift.
  • Permissions in User Groups – We fixed an issue with permissions in User Group.
  • Staff – We fixed an issue with duplicate Staff member.
  • We fixed the issue with the client preferences merge tag for SMS Campaigns.
  • Connect – Double Booking – We have fixed the issue with showing available time when appointment is already booked.
  • Photos Upload – We fixed an issue with upload of photos in Client Card.
  • Client Card/Financials/On Account – We fixed the issue with refunding on account payments.
  • We have fixed the issues with the Social Survey widget.
  • Calendar – We have fixed the issue with the wrong therapist showing in the POS.
  • Packages – We fixed an issue with packages not appearing when creating an appointment.
  • Notes and Alerts – We fixed an issue with notes and alerts not deleting.
  • Invoice – We fixed an issue with invoice disappearing when editing it
  • Merging Clients – We fixed the issue with merging clients
  • Calendar – we fixed an issue which prevented you from sometimes being unable to delete bookouts.
  • We have fixed an issue with the Stripe integration.
  • CO001 – Basic Information – We fixed the issue with the CO001 – Basic Information report not loading.
  • ST015 – Staff Hours – We fixed the issue with the ST015 – Staff Hours report not applying advanced filters.
  • Pabau Connect – We fixed the issue with Google Maps.
  • We have fixed an issue with Finance Reports – FI040- Expenses.
  • Client Card – Packages – We have fixed the issue with the expired packages.
  • Client Card – Communication – SMS – We have fixed the issue with repeated text confirmations.
  • POS – We fixed the issue with the calculator on POS.
  • We have addressed an issue with outstanding tab displaying weird values.
  • Addressed an issue with the [LETTER_BODY] merge tag for .docx letter templates.
  • Stock – Purchase Order – We fixed the issue with the “Request Approval” button when ordering stock.
  • Marketing – Newsletter Manager – We fixed the issues with attaching a picture when compiling an email from the newsletter manager.
  • Calendar – Column Ordering – We fixed the issue with column ordering on the calendar.
  • We fixed an issue with incorrect time showing when editing a service.
  • FI075: Outstanding Invoices – We fixed the issue with the FI075: Outstanding Invoices report.
  • Appointment Status – We fixed the issue when changing the status of an appointment to complete.
  • Addressed an issue with the interval between booking on Pabau Connect.
  • Client notifications – We have fixed the notifications for Online Bookings -> New Booking.
  • Reports – We have fixed the “Export to PDF’ button.
  • ST000 – Staff Appointment Schedule – We fixed the issue with the ST000 – Staff Appointment Schedule report.
  • Schedule Manager – We have fixed the issue with displaying all shifts for locations in month view.
  • Products – We fixed the issue with missing products in POS.
  • Task list – We have fixed the selection of due date when creating tasks.
  • Bookout Slots – We fixed an issue with bookout slots in week view.
  • Client Card – We have fixed the packages not being displayed.
  • Client Card – Communication – Letter(preview) – We have fixed the issue with error message appearing when trying to preview a letter.
  • Client Card – Alert Notes – We fixed the issue with deleting alert notes.
  • Letters – we fixed the issue with the custom field not printing.
  • Calendar – We fixed an issue with booking when there are 2 shifts in one day at different locations.
  • Calendar – We fixed an issue with creating unauthorized shifts.
  • We addressed issues with treatment notes.
  • Pabau Connect – we have fixed the client cancellations from dashboard.
  • Pabau connect – We have fixed an issue with client booking online in non available time.
  • Fixed the issue with out of stock and product alert counts in stock not being shown.
  • Fixed issue with client not appearing in report even when opted in for email marketing.
  • Setup – Settings – Report scheduler – We have fixed the issue for reports not being sent.
  • Leads – We fixed the issue with marking leads as junk.
  • Consumables – We fixed the issue with consumables not being not being removed/deducted when making a sale.
  • Issue with the locations from online bookings.
  • We fixed an issue with online bookings passing working hours.
  • Reports – Contact Reports – CO001 Basic Information – We have fixed the issue with the blank fields.
  • Calendar – We fixed the issue with appointment confirmation window.
  • Staff Permissions – We fixed an issue with staff permissions.
  • Pre-care – We fixed an issue with pre-care templates not being sent out for online bookings.
  • Medical Forms – We fixed the issue with missing medical forms on Pabau app.
  • Client Card – Communication – We have fixed the issue with not showing the emails sent out.
  • Client Card – EMR – Medical History – We have fixed the issue with answers not shown and emails not being sent.
  • We have addressed an issue with communication preferences of a client.
  • We have fixed appointments overlapping practitioner name when scrolling down the calendar.
  • We have fixed the wrong values in Appointment notes.
  • We have fixed an issue with services.
  • POS – we have fixed an issue with the client search feature in POS cutting off client.
  • Client Card – EMR – Prescriptions – We have fixed the issue with missing signature.
  • Calendar – We have fixed an issue with the red line disappearing from the highlighted day.
  • Practice – Booking appt – We have fixed the issue with the error message for package expired.
  • Practice – Services (select all) – We have fixed the issue when one service is ticked, but still shows all others.
  • Client Card-We have fixed the time stamps when adding a note.
  • POS – We have fixed an issue with the invoice number not being shown when a purchase is made.
  • POS – We have fixed an issue with services being created twice.
  • Pabau Connect – We have fixed online booking appointments on iOS.
  • POS – We fixed the issue with duplicate services in POS.
  • Calendar – we have addressed an issue with calendar in week view when (re)scheduling appointments.
  • iOS – We have fixed the issue with custom fields with showing odd symbols.
  • POS – Gift Vouchers – We fixed the issue with texting gift voucher via POS.


We are always open to your suggestions and feedback and we welcome you to let us know whenever you have them.

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