Release notes – Winter Edition 2020

In our continuing efforts to provide the best performing platform for our users, we are excited to announce the new update of the Pabau web app, containing new features, improvements and bug fixes. This release continues our focus on making Pabau better, faster, and easier to use.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest changes in the update:

🌟New features

New online payment methods

You can now take Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay payments through Pabau, all done with the Stripe integration.
The statistics show there’s a 60% uptick in successful bookings when these new payment methods are added. Check out this video with the steps to enable the new payment methods.

Enhanced two-factor authentication (We recommend you turn it on!)

At a time when the dependency on computers is rapidly growing, we realized that raising the security bar even further is needed to protect user data. We have made our system easier to access for staff members, and a nightmare to attackers.

This improvement features:
– 4-digit verification of phone number for unknown locations;
– SMS verification;
– Answer to a question, or a PIN, compensating for forgotten mobile device, low network coverage, or other country;
all of them appearing once you enter the correct password.

To activate the two-factor authentication, and raise the security bar to the next level, go to the Security tab of the Business Details settings.

Improved client access to sensitive data

Client’s email addresses are now at a constant risk more than ever, as they are heavily used. This must not be the case with their medical data. When you send them a sensitive email (you tick the Sensitive data? checkbox), they can access it either via SMS verification code, or by answering a random question pulled from their client card details. We have also made it possible for emails to expire, after a time period defined by you.

To learn more about these settings, and activate them, go to the Security tab of the Business Details settings.


🌟More improvements

🐞 Squashed Bugs

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