Revised Pabau Connect – display and speed improvements, improved booking process, revised pages, and more

After months of hard work, based on your insightful feedback, we are proud to present you the revised and smoother Pabau Connect.

Before proceeding further, I advise you to clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and advise clients to do the same, to avoid possible conflicts with the cached data, i.e. data stored in your browser, from the older version of Pabau connect.

Here’s the rundown of the updates made to it:

Pabau Connect and the widgets were revised to match different screen sizes

Your clients will have the same seamless experience on every device they own, regardless of the screen size.




Improved booking process;

Choosing the location, service, staff member and the time is much smoother.


Aside from that, we added a three-line menu:


Completely redesigned and improved Book a Class page;

Patients will be able to see all the classes that are to take place and when, as well as reserve their spot and pay for it from wherever they are.



Redesigned and improved My Profile page

Editing personal details you may have missed has never been easier. Update your name, address, city, mobile number, and password, too.


Improved Purchase Package Page

Purchasing packages online is much simpler. Clients can choose a package, and pay for it, easily.


Redesigned and improved My Classes Page and My appointments page

There is a clearer distinction between the upcoming and past appointments, to help users to focus on the present and upcoming appointments.


My Documents Page (shared documents from the client card)

We added a documents page, where users can access documents related to them. Basically, staff members, need to go to Documents in the client card (EMR > Documents), tap on the gear icon, and then on Share on Connect. All the users need to do is to go to the documents section, through the three-line button.



Aside from the above, we made various bug fixes, including auto scrolling on widgets on iPhone devices, dates not showing initially when choosing date & time page, and more.

Your feedback matters to us. Feel free to contact us and share your suggestions for improvement.

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