The Art Of The Gift Voucher

Hannah Daines
Written by Hannah Daines

A great way of promoting your clinic’s services or products is selling or giving away gift vouchers. It is one of those gifts which everyone wanted to get every season.

Gift vouchers or gift certificates are piece of a printed material which is redeemable for services and/or products.

Unlike the cash vouchers, gift vouchers cannot be exchanged with the cash. Instead they can be exchanged with some specific worth of services or products which are indicated on vouchers.

Following are the most common things which gift voucher designs include:

  1. Company name or Brand name and Logo: The customers should know that which company or brands gift voucher they are holding. The company or the brand name and logo which are indicated on the voucher can be sponsor or organization where the product or services can be redeemed.
  1. Redeemable amount of services and products: It should be present on the voucher in a big and bold font so that the recipient knows the redeemable item. For example, 75 Gift Voucher or 250 worth of the Make-over or 2 Days of Lodging.
  1. Barcode and Control Number: You can trace the quantity of your gift voucher with the control number. You can know that how many vouchers have been released and how many vouchers have been redeemed. The number of vouchers left is also known by this number. On the other hand, the barcode is for quick and easy transaction.
  1. Expiry Date: You must include expiry date in the gift vouchers in order to let the holder know that they have to be quick in redeeming the gift otherwise the voucher will expire and no gift could be redeemed from it. Our Pabau recommendation is 1 year.
  1. Authentication Elements: The authentication elements may include watermark, signature, seal, stamp or a unique code in order to avoid the unauthorized duplication and the falsification of the gift vouchers.
  1. Term and Conditions: It is a way to ensure that the person holding the voucher is clear regarding the limitations and the benefits which they can get from gift. A sample of the terms and conditions for the gift vouchers is given below. You can use it in the design of your voucher for free.

Terms and conditions template for Gift Vouchers:

You can edit these terms and conditions freely. In case you think some part is unnecessary for your type of gift voucher, you may remove it.

  • The gift voucher is good for only single transaction. The remaining amount will not be exchangeable with another voucher or cash and it will be forfeited automatically.
  • The redeemer will have to pay the additional cost which exceeds value of this gift voucher.
  • The gift voucher is considered null and void in case there is no authorized signature and expiry date, or if there is no seal and other signs of authentication of if the vouchers is tampered.
  • The gift vouchers won’t be replaced in case it is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • The voucher is only valid at (The company name and branches).
  • In case of any dispute, decision (company name) will be final.
  • (Company name) reserves right to amend the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

Optional terms and conditions:

  • Validation of the vouchers is required only by the authorized person.
  • The voucher entitles its holder to redeem product which is specified herein.

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