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Hannah Daines
Written by Hannah Daines

Ats Pabau, we preach a clean database.

Unfortunately, sometimes when migrating your data either from an existing system or a simple excel sheet, we need to run some checks!

Pabau comes with 2 great tools that can help you get your data looking squeaky clean.

1) You can run a Duplicate Clients report which will tell you a bunch of duplicated records existing in your database

2) You can merge clients using our Merge App.

Here are a few simple Do’s to maintain a clean database:

  • Do make sure you enter only the data you need into your CRM and filter out what looks like junk right at the start. Many have a habit of dumping entire excel or csv sheets of leads and contact data which hasn’t been screened before upload for junk data which may be completely unnecessary
  • Do run your data through a normalization process and format all the data well in the csv file or sheet before you upload it to your CRM. It’s a lot quicker and it can save you from having to access several accounts and check the data online once it has already been assigned to various user accounts and campaigns
  • Do follow a standard convention across all users for entering data such as client names, postal addresses etc. It standardizes formats and makes things easier while printing reports or direct mail campaigns
  • Do look for missing data elements like a missing phone number or missing postal code in the address preferably before uploading the data or at least while entering an individual record. Appending missing data at an earlier stage when there are fewer records to handle is a lot easier than having to go through the entire database and then look for whats missing
  • Do ensure that users update the status of a client every time some activity is performed. If these are not updated the reports run on this data will yield inaccurate results
  • Do run regular audits for data quality. If you can do it more frequently, there will be less data which needs to be updated or cleansed and the data will stay in better shape

Good data in. Good data out. Its that simple!

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