Selling Is Caring

Hannah Daines
Written by Hannah Daines

These days selling has a bad reputation, but if the product is going to be helpful for the client to get the look which they want, is recommending a product selling it? Or is it simply caring for the client and their hair?

It is quite often that I hear this argument that the staff should help people to feel good and they should not push them in to buying a product, but the fact is that these two are related closely and you cannot do one without doing the other.

Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to be pampered and looked after, and same is the case with clients.

You will know that you have done a great job when the client leaves your salon loving the hair, but also when they will wash and style the hair at home and will be happy with results.

If you are able to sell them such products which can help them to look good from a visit to next, they will feel good everyday instead of only feeling good when they visit salon.

It is important for the staff to understand that it is not about the sales, but it is about serving your clients. Once the staff has this realization they will be inclined much more to talk with the clients and make them recommendations for maintaining the style.

There is no harm in asking

By asking the clients about the products which they use between the visits and if they are happy with those products, you will be looking after your clients and it will help build a strong relationship with them.

You should ask them what they normally use and if they like it. You should ask those questions and find out in depth. Your clients will feel flattered and get a feeling that you care them.

Remember, your client does not have to buy the product you recommend. Some clients will buy the products you recommend and some won’t. But you will know that you gave them choice.

Value your Knowledge

With your years of training and experience, you should be generous with the knowledge you have, as your clients don’t have that knowledge. Don’t assume that the clients know all about taking care of hair.

You should show your clients methods of using new products, and explain to them why the ones they are using might not be the best choice.

Important things to remember:

  1. It is important to provide your clients with the best care, as they have chosen to come to your saloon.
  2. Your clients won’t always buy the products you recommend, as it is their time and their money, but you will never come to know If you do not ask.

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