Update notes – Spring Edition 2020


We are happy to announce the new update of the Pabau web app, containing new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest changes of the update:

ūü館†New features

1. Video Consultations (BETA)

This was not something we had planned with this release, but due to the current situation and the sheer volume of requests, we want to do everything we can to allow you to perform patient video consultations, combined with the ability to take payments and deposits via Stripe.

This new feature will be a safe & compliant way for you to some extent cope during these difficult times. It will allow your clients to attend Video Consultations as well as Follow-ups on their appointments. This way you will be one step closer to your clients and keep in touch with them anytime.

We are so excited for all of you to start using this, as we want to make sure that even during this time your business keeps operating successfully until things go back to normal.

We have written a great guide to help you with using Video Consultations, so please check the chat box in the bottom right corner of your Pabau homepage  and search for Video Consultations.

Please note the development of video consultations have been expedited and delivered in only two weeks to allow you to communicate with your clients at this time, as such the module is in BETA and as such some features may be limited. We appreciate your understanding.



2. Pre – designed Newsletter Templates

Great news! We have added a new addition to our Newsletter Manager: Pre-built templates.

Maintaining ongoing connections with¬†your patients is very important, and the structure and content of your newsletter is essential to its success. That’s why from now on, Pabau will allow you to choose from over 100 custom built templates, as opposed from building them from scratch all the time. You can select the template you prefer, change the text for it, add your logo, link it with your social media accounts and make any kind of changes you prefer.

When you start creating a campaign from the Marketing module, you will be given the option to select one of the Pre-designed ones or build it from scratch.


Appointment Group Bookings as merge tags

To our merge tags lovers, more merge tags for you! You can now insert the appointment details for group bookings in your templates as merge tags, based on the appointment information. This merge tag can show all the people and their appointments’ start dates and times provided,¬†where the [APPOINTMENTNAME], [ADATE] and [ATIME] merge tags are added.

Sensitive email button disabled if you don’t have¬†SMS credits

We are committed to not allow our users make any unpredictable mistakes, therefore, from now on, when you are sending out Sensitive email which requires sending out an SMS verification code to the client, we will make sure to warn you if you are low on SMS credits.

4 new medical form fields linked with client card preferences

Linking the client medical form questions with their patient profile fields? We love it, you love it, everyone loves it! Therefore, we have added four new fields you can link with the patients profile which will be mirrored into the client’s card upon their form completion. These fields are: Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Phone, Letters, Address.¬†Link these fields with a question,¬†and¬†the answer will appear/update in the¬†profile of the patient who’s filled the form.

New font styles to the Newsletter Manager

As part of our efforts to stay trendy, we have added two additional font styles for the newsletter manager text. These are Montserrat and Modern. Email campaigns have never looked better.

Faster loading of consent forms for clinics with a lot of forms

To our paperless clinics, great news! If you have many forms in the system, you don’t have to waste anymore of your precious time to wait for your consent forms to load in the app. We have¬†optimized this¬†and your forms¬†can be loaded faster and without errors in your iOs device.

We have improved making a service inactive

From now on, when you switch a service to Inactive, you will notice the alert “Do you want to make this service inactive for online bookings as well?”.¬†This will make sure to remind you adjust your online booking availability preferences for the service too.

A few improvements to the Recall feature

We have improved some recall scheduling settings. You can now create a recall type (non automatic one) without adding any templates, but if you are creating an automatic recall you will be warned with a message.
You can also successfully create an automatic recall type by selecting only one of the templates (Email or SMS).

Client Card Performance

We have improved performance related issues on the client card when you have slow internet where some functionalities such as adding a note, alert or recall, used to end up duplicating the insert/update. From now one, even if your internet happens to be slow, these will be saved as one note.

Improvements to your Financials page

Here’s a few improvements we have made for the Financial’s page in order to optimize¬†it:

  • We have added a filter for Issuing Company
  • We have added¬†an export button
  • When clicking the¬†invoice number,¬†it now opens the¬†preview of the invoice same as on the client card
  • We have set the¬†default to 50 records per page.

Importing SMS numbers to lists

Nothing in life is perfect and nor was the process of importing numbers to a client list in Pabau. Therefore, based on your valuable feedback on this, we have improved this feature and when you import phone numbers into a list for the SMS campaign, the system finds the patients that have those numbers in the system and list them in the actual list.

A few changes to Reports

  • We have added ‘Client name’ in the ‘Issued to’ report fields
  • We have added ‚ÄėAmount Outstanding‚Äô onto the end of the Daily Sales report as a column
  • The Outstanding Invoices report is now including companies
  • When ‚ÄėIssued To‚Äô or ‚ÄėIssuing Company‚Äô is added as a custom field,¬† it appears in filters as a searchable dropdown.
  • We have added two¬†new reporting modes: Summary & Graphs in some of the reports.

More to Google Analytics

Your Pabau Google Analytics module can now capture more information. Track your active users, top active pages, visitor times, visitor locations, visitor devices and more. Click here to setup your Google Analytics.

Online Booking confirmations – Clients can now reply to you

When a client booked an appointment from your Pabau Connect, they would receive an automatic email from noreply@pabau.com. From now on, if a client clicks the reply button, the email receiver is going to be your clinic’s email from your business information.

We have added “Opt In” field for Leads

Same as in the Contacts, you can now choose whether the Lead is going to Opt In for your email/SMS marketing, and of course, they can choose themselves too if you decide to add this attribute into the lead form.

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