Update notes – Summer Edition 2020

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the new web release, moving a step forward to our ongoing mission to improve healthcare and user experience.

This new release offers a number of benefits to you, our users, featuring XERO revamp, video consultation improvements, The Doctors Laboratory integration, performance improvements, bug fixes and more. Due to the many improvements that are part of it, the release is being made gradually, with it being expected to be fully seen by Sunday evening.

*Please note that we will be migrating all communications over to a new server from the day of the release, and this may take anyway between 4-8 days (depending on your server region). If you urgently require a document, do please reach out to support and we will provide it within the hour.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest changes in the update:


Get a chronological overview of patient’s profile with the new and improved timeline feature. Sorted by date, you can review all the appointments, all the invoices and payments, all the medical forms and documents in one place, for a better picture of the patient’s journey.

With the Activity filter, you need not to wander through unnecessary to you information, to get to the real deal, as you can filter out and see the EMR only, just the appointments, or only the communication – there are many other combinations waiting for you to explore. What is more, the items in the timeline items are clickable – click on a medical form and it will open in front of you as quick as a flash. With the search feature, you can find if the patient had an appointment, or filled in a medical form, or if he was sent a confirmation email, and with the print and email features, you can send the whole timeline of events to the client with one click.


TDL Integration (Sneak Peak)

After months of back and forth’s with The Doctors Laboratory – we can now announce that we are now in a position where we are ‘almost’ ready to launch full integration.

This means that you would be able to submit a lab request directly through Pabau such as COVID-19 tests, and the results will feed back instantly into your clients record once the labs are ready.

Pabau’s new dashboard makes it easy to deliver your results to the patient. If a patient’s results are abnormal, the results will be visibly flagged. There are some other cool features we plan on launching here.

Please note whilst we are almost their, this is an open BETA. In order to actually activate this service, you would need to reach out to Pabau to create the link between your TDL and Pabau account.

BNF & Medicines Drug Database

With this being a frequently requested feature, you can now know those important details about a drug you about to prescribe to a patient, before prescribing it.

Create a prescription, select a drug, and on the left you will see important information pulled directly from the BNF and Medicines.org database. You can see warnings, side-effects, and interactions, too.

If you don’t have access to a particular drug, you can now search the database, and create drugs on the fly.


Attach Existing Content Feature

Say bye to the old Attach feature and hi to our brand new Media Library feature. Click on Attach, and discover all the client’s documents in one place, grouped by categories. What’s more, you can attach them all at the same time, making attaching files light years faster than before.

XERO Rework

Being aware of the importance of you having your financial data in XERO, we have been working hard in the past months and reworked the XERO integration, making the integration much smoother, stable, and seamless. Before using it, you will need to redo the integration from Setup > Integrations, as shown in our guides.

Video Consultations Improvements

Ever since day 1, when we released the Video Consultations feature, we never stopped thinking how to improve it. We have improved its stability, and speed. In addition, from now on, you will have access to the client card and POS, without opening a new tab. Access the patients medical forms, invoices, appointments, and more with a single click. We continue to plan new features we can add to enrich your experience.

And we are now taking Video Consultations out of BETA.

Webhooks support

Integration with other software you use will be easier than ever, with our brand new Webhooks system. We made it simple to use and easy to setup.

In short, this means that Pabau can integrate with thousands of other applications using tools such as Zapier. For our larger clients, third party developers can now develop bespoke apps for your Pabau account.

50+ newsletter templates

We added more newsletter templates fully available at your disposal for your campaigns.*

* part of a premium plan.

We have more cool features that are coming soon too, including a platform for you to sell your products online, ability to sell gift vouchers, as well as to ensure that you won’t lose money if one doesn’t show up on their appointment without notifying you.


Improved EMR Search

Finding certain medical history, consent forms, treatment notes, documents, and photos is made much easier. All you need to do is to type a keyword and voila, the record will be right in front of you.

View Documents in a list

Aside from the current “grid” view, from now on, you can view the client’s documents in a list.

🌟What are we working on?

Lots of you like to know what it is we have in the pipeline.

– No show protection: We are very close to giving you the ability to taking a card number, storing it on file, and billing a client automatically for services or even if they breach your no show policy.
– Gift Card: We are very close to launching the ability to sell gift vouchers directly within Pabau
– eCommerce: You will soon be able to create an eCommerce store, and sell products online through Pabau.
– iOS App: We are working on re-developing our iOS app.
– Contraindications: Soon you will be automatically flagged when performing a treatment if a patient has an allergy to the particular service or product you are about to use or perform. For example, if a patient has an allergy to shellfish, and is going ahead with a HydraFacial, pabau will automatically alert the practitioner.

.. and much more


Other improvements include:


  • Photos in EMR will load much faster now, if a client has a huge number of photos in their client card.
  • Pabau Connect – We have made the First Name and Last Name fields to be required by default
  • We have improved the ‘Created By’ field to show when appointments were booked online
  • We have added formatting for Staff notes
  • Settings – We have implemented searching for services
  • Appointments tab improvements
  • We have improved stock’s location when importing stock
  • Newsletter Manager – New UI to paste source code of a designed template
  • Improvements to newsletter sending
  • Photo upload – We have improved this by allowing leads to upload photos to their lead cards
  • MANAGE FIELDS – We have implemented the “Manage Fields” button in the Lead Manager section
  • LEADS – Adjusted user interface when creating a lead
  • Ability to launch video conferencing from the calendar
  • Client card – We’ve made improvements with money on accounts windows
  • We have improved sending SMS campaigns
  • RECALLS – We have improved the “Recalled” button


🐞 Squashed Bugs


  • Related Services in Medical forms – Not being pulled in the Journey section in the iOS app – We have fixed this
  • POS – We have fixed the issue with the cumulative Account Balance displayed for a single issuing company
  • Client Card – Adding a note when adding an account balance not being saved – We have fixed this
  • Client Card – EMR – We have fixed the issue with user with no permission to edit/delete EMRs being able to delete a Treatment Note while on list view
  • Online Bookings – Classes – We have fixed the issue with a pre care email for classes not being sent
  • Class – Confirmation Email – We have fixed the issue with the confirmation email not being send to clients
  • PACKAGES – We have fixed the issue with “Sold Online” automatically set to “No” after creating a package
  • Client Card – Email Lab request – We have fixed this
  • PRESCRIPTIONS – We have fixed the issue with the message added in a paragraph field being copied in the “Signature” field as well
  • STOCK – We have fixed the issue with the wrong date displayed for a new “Open” purchase order
  • Client Card – Medical Forms – We have fixed the issues that are occurring when accessing the Treatment notes
  • Connect – We have fixed the issue with the sessions
  • Online Bookings – Registration – We have fixed the issue with a client being created even though the comp id is incorrect
  • Invoice Templates – we have fixed an issue with logo being pulled from Business Details
  • ROTA – We have fixed the issue with all shifts being deleted from ROTA
  • CLIENT CARD – We have fixed the issue with the Search option for Treatment Notes
  • Calendar – ROTA – We have fixed an issue with shifts not appearing in ‘Week View’
  • Calendar – We have fixed an issue with Calendar not loading for our client
  • ACCOUNT BALANCE – We have fixed the issue with wrong account balance displayed after voiding a refund of an on-account payment
  • Client Card – Financials – Edit Invoice – We have fixed this
  • Medical Forms – Web Form Theme – The text that is added is not appearing when completing the form online
  • MEDICAL FORMS – We have fixed the issue with the incorrectly named checkbox in Diagram
  • CONTACTS – We have fixed the issue with several identical contacts being created when the save button is pressed several times
  • Client Card – Create treatment note – Closing the history panel – Pop up error message – We have fixed this
  • RECALLS – We have fixed the recalls saved as “Not Scheduled” on live
  • Staff – Staff manager – Emergency tab – We have fixed this
  • iOS – We have fixed the issue with the medical forms not pulling the DOB merge tag
  • Online Booking – We have fixed the issue with the error when a DOB is not entered when registering
  • Setup- Data- Products- We have fixed the issue when creating new product
  • Reports – Export reports containing the value sign when exported – We have fixed this
  • Login/Logout – We have fixed the issue with not being able to login after someone logged the user out-DISABLE LOG OUT OPTION
  • Search – We have fixed the issue with clients not loading when the setting is set to Advanced Loading
  • Calendar – Repeat Bookout slot – We have fixed the issue with the date 01.01.1970 when repeating a bookout slot
  • Newsletter Campaign – We have fixed the issue with the incorrect number of recipients showing
  • Merge tag [AWEEKDAY] – We have fixed an issue with day coming up with small first letter
  • CLIENT CARD – ACCOUNT BALANCE – We have fixed the issue with negative account balance when voiding a partially refunded on-account payment
  • SETUP – DATA – CREDIT NOTE TYPES – We have fixed the issue with the created credit note types not being listed
  • iOS App – Sales – We have fixed the error that comes up
  • Pabau Connect Share – We have fixed an issue where document is not being shared on Pabau Connect
  • Healthcode integration – Button missing from the invoice – We have fixed this
  • CALENDAR – MANAGE SCHEDULE – We have fixed the issue with view mode automatically set as “Month View” in “Manage Schedule”
  • SCHEDULE MANAGER – We have fixed the issue with 7+ shifts not displayed in Year View Mode
  • Client Card – Medical Forms – We have fixed the glitch when the History screen is not closing
  • CLIENT CARD – ACCOUNT BALANCE – We have fixed the issue when paying Outstanding Amount with insufficient Account Balance
  • CLIENT CARD – We have fixed the issue with voiding an on-account payment from the
  • LETTERS – We have fixed the issue with the impossibility to send letters from Contact Manager
  • Client Card – Email Statement- We have fixed the issue with the empty email keeps loading when sending
  • Client Card – Wrong date format on edit account money screen
  • POS – ADD MORE CUSTOMERS – We have fixed the issue with the user being able to add more than 1 client to a sale
  • Create new contact – We have fixed the issue with the design of the “New Contact” screen
  • Client Card – Credit Note – We have fixed several issues regarding the credit notes
  • Online Bookings – We have fixed the issue with the special characters not being displayed correct in the user’s name/last name
  • CLIENT CARD – We have fixed the issue with the incorrect DOB
  • Survey – We have fixed the issue with the five stars rating only being displayed even though we have set up to show lower ratings
  • Stock – We have fixed the issue with an update on existing supplier
  • Stock – We have fixed the issue with Delete button
  • Inventory_Count – We have fixed the issue in ScanStockIN a new product
  • Stock- We have fixed the issue with Call the Supplier button
  • Online Bookings – We have fixed the issue with the confirm and reschedule buttons not being displayed when the “Allow cancellations” is set to “No”
  • Pabau Connect registration page – We have fixed these
  • iOS App – Staff can’t see all past EMR forms on the ipad but can see them on desktop – We have fixed this
  • Calendar – We have fixed the issue with all the holidays not being deleted from the calendar after we delete only one but more are requested


We are always open to your ideas for making Pabau better. Drop them at support@pabau.com or via our live chat.

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