Why Should You Give Pabau’s Webinars a Try?


Gaining knowledge and upskilling are two of the most significant advantages of attending webinars. 

You can get familiar with industry trends, strategies to assist you in your professional journey, and much more. Compared to other types of presentations, the way content is explained in a webinar is significantly more intimate.

Our team organizes online training sessions on various topics about our system and distributes them to you three times a week, even on weekends. The only thing you need to do is register and enjoy the educational content.

Pabau’s webinars are available to assist you if you have questions about how to configure the system or simply want to refresh your memory on how something works. They also are an excellent way to educate any new members that might join your team.


How to register?

To access the Pabau webinars all you have to do is click on the Book Training icon under your profile picture, or click on SetupTraining.

After you’ve decided which training you want to attend, all you have to do now is click Register to reserve your spot.


Overview of the topics

Basic System Configuration

This webinar will teach you how to set up your Pabau account to meet your specific needs. We’ll make sure that all of your users, services, products, permissions, notifications and general settings are properly configured.

Basic Start-Up Training

This training session is to kick start your Pabau journey, suitable for anyone starting off with the system, front desk, practitioners, and anyone who needs to know how to book. It covers all the core features you will need on a daily basis, to ensure you are able to work at ease with the system.

Staff Management

If you are a clinic manager then this webinar is a must for you. In this training, you will learn how to use the system’s staff features and functions to their full potential. You will learn how to add a new employee, manage permissions, configure access levels, and commission structures, and keep track of HR data.

Running Basic Reports

Learn how Pabau’s reports can help you gain an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of your practice to help you make the decisions that will grow and improve your practice.

Online Bookings and Deposits

Learn how to set up, launch, and get the most out of your Pabau Online booking portal, whilst taking things one step further to allow your portal to act as a client area where your existing clients can log in and access the information data you choose to share.

In this training, you will learn how to configure your Online Booking settings, configure Pabau Connect settings, make services bookable online, enable online deposits, explore the client portal, add the Facebook booking widget, and learn how to promote your Online Booking system.

Loyalty, Referrals, Birthday Mailer

Learn how Pabau’s marketing tools can help you boost customer retention and growth by elevating customer experiences and engaging successfully. Learn how to make your content more personalized – birthday emails with the customer’s first name in the subject line have a 17% greater open rate than birthday emails with non-personalized subject lines.

Automatic Recalls & Social Surveys

Reminding customers to come back from Email & SMS Recalls and sending out automatic review requests.

Reviews allow new businesses to go head-to-head with more established competitors, potentially establishing a positive niche in people’s perceptions and expectations. Look at it this way – Would you rather buy from a firm with 50 three-star reviews or one with 5 five-star ones? Voila! You’ve successfully diverted attention away from the discount and pricing!

Packages and Gift Vouchers

Learn how to sell and redeem Packages and Gift Vouchers. Create your predefined package, sell a package, book clients from packages redeem a package session, create/edit your Gift Voucher template, sell a gift voucher and learn how to redeem the gift voucher. 

Managing Stock and Inventory

With stock being one of the largest spends for clinics outside of rent & wages, it’s vital we are to promote your Online Booking system. Tracking and recording product movements as much as possible to generate effective management. Learn how to make managing stock a simple and easy task.

Managing stock through Pabau will give you a very clear indication of what is selling and when. You are able to then use this information to, first and foremost, ensure you have sufficient stock in the right locations.

Automatic Notifications & Templates

Learn how to create structured templates and send out automated Email and SMS notifications to your clients in response to certain scenarios. One of the most effective strategies to ensure customer loyalty is to build relationships with them. Branded email and SMS can help you provide consistent customer support to your customers while needing minimal manual effort on your part!

You can spend more time focused on other vital activities if you spend less time reminding your clients about their forthcoming appointments.

Capturing and Converting Leads

Learn how the Lead Management feature enables you to identify and engage those who have an interest in your products or services, by capturing them directly to your Pabau account and managing them until they become active clients.

Insurances and third parties

Learn how Pabau’s insurance feature can help you raise invoices to insurers, keep track of all payments towards third parties and manage insurance debts.

Advanced and Custom Reports

Learn how to build custom and advanced reports to your advantage and create custom fields to collect medical data and gain an in-depth understanding of your practice.

Reporting is a critical and necessary element in any size of business. Without meaningful data, businesses would be unable to make sound business decisions and react properly to events that occur within their organizations. This is why this is important, and in this training, you will learn how to generate the reports that you need, and gain an in-depth understanding of your business.

Newsletter & SMS Campaigns

Learn how to create and send exceptional Email and SMS campaigns from your Pabau account.

Installing and Creating Medical Forms

In this training session, we will demonstrate the basics of creating and installing Medical Forms, which will help you go entirely paperless. These include treatment forms, consent forms, medical questionnaires, Epaper, and prescriptions.

Payments and Invoices

Learn how Pabau’s Point of Sale can help you easily manage your finances, create branded invoices and keep track of all payments and sales.

Advanced Marketing

Learn how to combine amazing marketing tools which will showcase your commitment to your clients, provide useful client analytics and increase your teams’ efficiency.

100+ Newsletter Templates
Google Review Integration
Zapier and Webhooks Integration
Other Benefits

We’re committed to providing you with as much educational content as possible, so stay tuned for any additional webinars. 


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