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    Health & Wellness management software for your wellness clinic.
    A smart set of tools tailor-made for success-driven wellness clinics

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    Calendar for Wellness

    Our innovative calendar allows you to view your appointments in any way you prefer including day view, week view, month view, room view and more.

    Our calendar was designed with Medical Aesthetic clinics in mind, and can be accessed from any devices with all appointments seen instantaneously across all

    Online Booking

    Never go through the hassles of going through emails to schedule booking requests ever again. Save time and effort by accepting your wellness treatment being eligible for online bookings.

    With Pabau, you can manage your patient’s booking any time of day and at any day of the week with its 24/7 booking feature. It automatically populates your booking system with no delays.

    Marketing For Wellness Clinics

    Pabau boasts the most extensive inbuilt marketing tools on the market. Effective marketing begins by answering questions like, “What types of treatments go unfilled?” or “Who hasn’t been coming in as often?”. Pabau gives you the answers instantly—and with features such as loyalty programs, gift cards, referral tracking and email marketing, it’s easy to act on them.

    Go Paperless

    Pabau Go is an entirely paperless app to supplement our web version, that makes it easy for medical professionals to empower your business to have an entirely paperless journey.

    Pabau will handle the entire patient journey to significantly reduce time spent on tasks such as consenting, medical questionnaires and photos.

    Dashboard & Reports

    Designed to meet the specific needs of any departments within your wellness clinic, Pabau's Dashboards are crammed with key stats to visually track and analyze multiple data sources.

    Behind the scenes, the dashboards connect to your sales, services, KPI’s, client data, and on the surface it displays all this data in the form of tables, charts and gauges for efficient real-time monitoring.

    Automatic Recalls

    Our effective reactivation processes enable you to automatically remind clients when they're expected to book a specific type of appointment, increasing your re-booking rates by 42%.

    Pabau will automatically send reminders for your wellness treatments.

    Form Builder

    You can easily create new consent, treatment or medical forms within Pabau using our easy to use form builder. Pabau comes preloaded with over 500 different templates to choose from. Want the best? - Select one of our exclusive templates from some of the best run clinics across the globe.

    Great Software For Wellness Clinics

    Over 5000 of our users are aesthetic clinics, with 9 in 10 of the aesthetic awards winners in 2018 being Pabau clients. In short, we breed winners!

    "Very happy with Pabau CRM and with the team as well. Always ahead with the features, extremely knowledgeable support team and very good trainer."

    Everything you need in one software

    Bring new clients to your wellness clinic by using Pabau software for wellness clinics.

    Go Paperless

    Pabau Go is an entirely paperless app installed separately to our desktop version, that makes it easy for medical professionals to empower your business to have an entirely paperless journey. This easy-to-use, secure, and entirely-paperless medical solution handles all your tasks during patient consultations, making you save time and money and enabling you to focus more on your clinical decisions and running your practice.

    Treatment Plans

    Boost your patient after-care process! Pabau contains built-in aesthetic and other treatment plans that you can choose and customize. Aside from capturing patient signatures and typing in medical histories, you have the option to provide follow-up instructions via email or customized printouts. Your patients will love coming back!


    A simple traffic light system for knowing at a glance how many sessions of a package a client has left. Automatically notify clients when they are reaching their final session.

    Patient Pathway’s

    All your patients have to do is complete a form, sign the consent for treatment, then send back the tablet. Our smart cam technology then captures an image of the patient, integrates all data, and presents it to you in an easy format. With just a few clicks, your patient can get all the treatments he or she needs. What’s more, you can easily schedule the next follow-up. With such an easy and hassle-free consultation process, your patients will keep coming back for more!

    Before & After Images

    With Pabau’s smart technology, you can now compare before and after images of your patients. Using the iPad’s camera, take pictures and compare them side by side, or mark areas in the body where you plan to treat as well. Its easy and convenient!

    High Value Clients

    Look after your very best VIPs by recognising them on arrival. Our iPad app will show you photos upon arrival. You can tag your clients with anything you like such as what type of spender they are, who are their relatives and what’s their favourite products, quick stats, on demand, to create a personal experience.


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