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    Marketing Care Team Intelligence

    Custom Pathways

    Create tailored pathways specific to a client's needs. If a client is simply coming in for a consultation, you may not need him to sign a consent, and therefore the pathway the client is greeted with can be entirely different to that of someone who is coming in for a more in depth treatment.

    Smart Share

    Smart share allows you to compare photos side by side, and then with the consent of the client share them on a social network of your choice. Anyone viewing the photo can use our unique comparison tool to view the before and after pictures layered over the top of each other.

    Pabau Care

    Pabau care allows you to build journey maps, which assist you in identifiying what goes out to your clients, the actions that your patients must undertake and which part of the journey it is most relevant at. Pabau care comes preloaded with over 50 different aftercare templates to choose from.

    Multi Lingual

    Your clients can choose from a list of 15 different languages to begin their patient journey in. If the client selects that they prefer to read in French, we will automatically produce any forms for them in their local language.

    Wait.. there's more

    and here are some other features that Care Plus offers

    Multiple Questionnaires

    Create as many questionnaires as you like.

    Video aftercare

    Create unique video content which is sent to the client after there appointment.

    One touch product

    Allow clients to purchase recommended products as part of there aftercare.

    Multilingual pathway

    Choose from 15 different languages.

    Virtual Appointment

    Have the ability to perform video consultations via the iOS app (built directly into the calendar).

    Form expiry

    Have the ability to expire forms, forcing clients to complete them again after a specific period.

    Get more from Plus

    The Pabau plus suite expands our already existing features even more, by taking your business to the next level with our unique tools. Below is just a snippet of what each module offers!

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