How Secret Enhancements eliminated stress and freed up time for more treatments

The Client: Secret Enhancements

Secret Enhancements is a medi-aesthetics clinic in Milton Keynes, founded in 2017 by owner/practitioner Camille Armstrong.

With over seven years experience as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) in busy theatres, ICUs and A & E departments, Camille was ready to use her medical experience to set up her own business.

After completing several advanced training programmes, Camille started part time initially, before moving full time in 2019.

She had the clinical background, the drive to do her own thing and experience managing extremely busy situations, but she couldn’t have grown her business without Pabau.

The Client: Secret Enhancements

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Camille Armstrong
Owner / Practitioner, Secret Enhancements

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Manually managing bookings and appointments is no easy task

Camille was just too busy to manage bookings herself. After a full day of treatments, the prospect of coming home to yet more thankless admin was daunting.

That manual booking process didn’t just waste Camille’s valuable time, it also caused problems with organisation and time management. Time consuming. Time confusing.

I was getting really busy in my clinic, and I just didn’t have time to then come back home, chase deposits, and sort out booking people in.

I would have to wait for people to come back to me with times they wanted, and within that timeframe, somebody else might have taken that slot that I’d previously offered. It was really difficult to keep track of who was given what time.

No missed deposits. No mis-managed appointments

Camille knew she wanted to take deposits at booking, to separate those patients who were serious and those who were just wasting her time.

But taking deposits before Pabau meant waiting for bank transfers. More time wasted.

Good job Camille heard about Pabau from a friend, via a referral on Apple Business. She didn’t need to do any serious research into other software. Pabau just made absolute sense.

Stripe integrations made taking deposits and payments super quick and super simple. It eliminates more unnecessary admin and streamlines refund processes if they’re ever necessary.

I wanted an aesthetic clinic booking system that could completely eliminate human error, like booking people into the wrong day, or booking people in without a deposit.

That functionality just wasn’t easy in other systems I’d tried. Pabau made booking seamless. It seemed to do everything that I needed.

No double bookings. No unhappy patients.

Hydrafacials are one of Secret Enhancements’ signature treatments, and they require a dedicated machine. Both Camille and her nurse are qualified to carry out the Hydrafacial treatment, but they only have one machine at their clinic.

Without Pabau, patients could book in for the treatment with two different therapists on the same day at the same time. A double booking that would leave a patient frustrated and the clinic running behind schedule.

With Pabau, equipment can be allocated to a specific room, so when a time slot is booked, the system prevents any bookings for that treatment with any other therapist.

It also lets you assign staff members to specific treatments, so you can always make sure the relevant qualified therapists are booked in for the relevant treatments. That prevents junior nurses from being booked for treatments they haven’t trained in yet, and frees up Camille’s time to focus on more advanced procedures.

One of the really good things I like about Pabau is being able to have your machinery and clinic rooms on there. It’s one of the features that no other booking system had.

Easily accessible, easy to use

An automated booking system is only effective if your staff can quickly reference it to see what appointments are booked in – and check in with patients before and after their treatments.

Pabau ticks all those boxes. It’s easily accessible on multiple devices and easy to use by any staff member. Its customisation tools let you assign different colours to different treatments, so one glance tells you what to expect for the day.

And its seamless integration with patient data makes contacting patients incredibly simple.

Plus advanced reporting makes it easy to see how your clinic is performing, what payments you’ve taken, how well your staff members are doing each month and which treatments have been popular.

We use Pabau on our laptops, iPads and work phones - it’s easy and simple on every device. The visual, colour-coordinated diary is also really impressive and really helpful. It makes planning my day really easy.

I find it really easy because you don’t have to copy and paste any phone numbers or email addresses. You can just text, call or email straight from the system.

The reporting features are really advanced and it’s really simple to create your own, so I use those a lot.

“Everybody needs an online booking system like Pabau”

Without Pabau, Camille says she’d be very stressed and wouldn’t be so busy or so successful.

She’d have to give up valuable treatment and patient care time to sit down and manage all her bookings. She couldn’t grow her business.

Time saving, patient pleasing, and stress busting?

Sounds like every clinic owner needs Pabau in their life.

You can be slaving away trying to do everything, when actually all you need is a simple solution. A booking system called Pabau. You don’t even need an extra member of staff, because Pabau is such a cost effective solution.

It just eliminates stress.

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