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  • Case Study: Clinique Des Champs Elysées

    Founded in 1947 in Paris, Clinique Des Champs Elysées has become the benchmark in France and Europe in the field of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine with nearly 5,000 new patients per month.

    In a warm setting just a few meters from the most legendary avenue in the world, the Clinique des Champs-Elysées offers interventions crowned with the “French touch”, that glamorous, discreet, natural and refined signature so sought after in aesthetics. Inspired by the love of clients, the business is now thriving with five locations around the world and 150 staff members.

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    Clinique Des Champs Elysées
    150 Staff members
    6 Locations

    The growth

    After a banking career at Rothschild, Tracy Cohen Sayag came to her father's rescue to take over the aesthetic clinic on the Champs-Elysées roundabout. Eight years later, it claims to be the leader in France in the sector and has strong regional ambitions.

    Between recognizing the lack of good patient care in the market and connecting with the customers who need it, Tracy has excelled as Director of Clinique Des Champs Elysées.

    New locations are being opened twice as fast as they were in the beginning, and demand continues to rise all around the world.

    Modernizing the business with technology

    Like many other career people, Tracy went into business to pursue a passion and to have control over her own schedule. But with 150 staff and many locations to manage, the demands on Tracy's time can be overwhelming.

    "We all have the same number of minutes in a day, and it's what you do with those minutes that's important." says Tracy.

    Acknowledging that she has highly important tasks to manage and meetings to attend, Tracy sees tremendous value in using a software to handle the day-to-day tasks that would otherwise dominate her time. That’s why the team at Clinique Des Champs Elysées use Pabau platform for everything from managing appointments and client journey, to marketing and following up with prospect inquiries.

    How has Pabau helped Clinique Des Champs Elysées since implementation?

    When choosing to go digital, it was important for the team to research clinical software systems and Pabau was the one to tick all the boxes.

    Today, the team at Clinique Des Champs Elysées are delighted to have created a seamless workflow that starts from the moment they get in touch with the client. After that, Pabau takes care of 80% of building the relationship with the client in a smart way, without losing personal touch and by automatically sending messages to customers which streamlines their fulfillment process. That’s why every client that arrives is joyful and already feels at ease before their treatment.

    To make the workflow even easier, the practitioners have all of the client information at their fingertips as soon as they arrive for their appointment which helps the staff stay aware of the client's medical history.

    To show some extra care, even after the client has left the building they will receive automatic notifications asking how was their experience and remind them to rebook with a follow-up, whenever they are due their next appointment.

    The results

    Since implementing Pabau in 2019, Clinique Des Champs Elysées has doubled net profit and annual sales. It has also been able to scale relationships with tens of thousands of customers.

    As for Tracy, it has allowed her to pursue her passion in a saner, more manageable way than she ever thought possible. Thanks to the Clinique Des Champs Elysées team's dedication and the Pabau platform, they have reduced their workload by 70%. Now that the business is fully automated and paperless, they can focus on the things that matter most; clients and business growth.

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