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Medical software that simplifies key tasks such as patient consultations, consent forms, medical questionnaires, procedure photos & more.

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Our patient management software handles your clinic’s entire patient life-cycle. Our trusted software records not only the essential information such as contact details, address, medical history, etc. But also logs patient consultation details, consent forms, medical questionnaires and photos, to name just a few.

Having all your patient details stored on one, easy-use, manageable platform, means less time spent sharing treatment and patient information between colleagues. Every member of your clinic’s staff can access your patient’s medical history and treatment plans, in just a few clicks of a button.


The patient information management system is essentially a database which stores all your patient’s vital information. We understand that not always will a patient see the same practitioner, doctor, or beauty expert during a treatment plan - one treatment session could be with one specialising, and the next, with another specialist.

When various specialist come together, there’s a requirement for an integrated and collaborative work process. Pabau is a flexible, patient records management system, which supports the modern day multi-specialist clinic. A patient information management system accessible to all your whole team.

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Whether your clinicis a private practice, dentist, GP surgery or beauty salon, you all face the same challenge - the number of patients you treat aside, the day-to-day smooth running of your clinic is vital to your success.

Each member of your team, from front desk to treatment specialist, and support staff to clinic manager, must work in sync with one another. The flexibility of the Pabau clinic software has been designed in a way to support the smooth day-to-day running of your clinic, from appointment scheduling, patient information sharing and much more.


  • Fantastic software and great customer support. The system works as promised and has great add-on's which help to personalize the system to suit your salon size etc. The guys are always happy to help however small or silly the problem might be. :)

    • Samuel David
  • Implemented the system in both clinics very quickly. So easy to use and the inbuilt marketing function allows me to reach out to clients by email and text seamlessly. I've used a lot of systems in my career and this is up there with the best.

    • Cavendish Clinic

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