Looking for a better alternative to Cliniko? Look no further – here’s exactly what Pabau can offer you that Cliniko can’t.

Top reasons to why Pabau is better way to go over Cliniko when you are wanting to choose a Practice Management Software.

Read in more detail what exactly Pabau has to offers in comparison to Cliniko’s practice management software.

Reason #1 - GDPR Compliant

You do not have any control over where your data is hosted. Although Cliniko now have UK based servers, often we would migrate clients away from them which are UK based clinics, with their data hosted in Australia, which is not GDPR compliant.


Reason #2 - No App

Having a native app is important for any business. Cliniko are yet to launch a mobile app, meaning that the way it will work on your mobile/tablet is via the browser. This makes for it difficult to create a great user experience, and you are very limited and reliant on your internet connection, as well as having limited features that are expected from when needing to access your business tools on the go.

Reason #3 - Education, Migration & Support

Cliniko only offer live chat support, with no way of ever speaking to them over the phone. Although the system is easy to use, you have no real access to any ongoing training. If you are moving over from another system, you will really struggle with getting your data in effectively, as there is no assistance when it comes to data migration.

Reason #4 - Limited Functionality

We find generally that the people that move from Cliniko to Pabau often quote that they have “grown out of it”, and often hit a brick wall when it comes to the features. Cliniko try to be active with functionality, however they often talk about features they are working on which were launched in Pabau years ago.

Reason #5 - Reporting

Cliniko has only 18 reports in total compared to Pabau’s 132 reports. You have no way to filter your reports or any way of creating custom reports for your business, what you see is what you get.

Reason #6 - Stability

A glance at Clinikos Facebook page suggests that there are regular outages, sometimes these occur over a period of 2-3 days at a time, which is inconsistent to what is being posted on their server status page. For any medical business the up-time of your software is crucial. Whilst no provider can guarantee 100% uptime, we make sure all the necessary procedures are in place to avoid any outage big or small.


Reason #7 - Manage Leads

Pabau will capture all your enquiries and transfer the clients data direct into its CRM system, making it easier to track, contact and convert prospective customers. In Cliniko, it is either that they are a patient, or you are using a 3rd party tool in order to manage the enquiry process.

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Protect your clinic

Data hosted in your preferred country

Ability to manage multiple locations with permission rules

Fully GDPR Compliant

Consistently great uptime

Running paperless

Digital consent forms & e-signing (iPad)

Ability to go entirely paperless

Automated precare and aftercare

Ability to take photos via the software

Before and after comparison

Procedure plot tool

Automate medical forms to be sent to clients

Marketing tools

Ability to send newsletter campaigns

Ability to setup automated marketing campaigns

Ability to setup referral campaigns

Ability to setup automatic recalls

Ability to run reports on how campaigns perform

Tried & tested marketing templates

Boost and maintain bookings

Ability to sell packages

Ability to sell gift vouchers

Client area for invoices, appointments etc

Automated recalls for patients

Management tools

Staff management system

Ability to request holidays

Full lockdown on security permissions

A fully fledged staff rota system

Ability to customise reports


Wide range of financial reports

Ability to integrate with healthcode

User friendly point of sale system

Setup different issuing companies

Ability to create credit notes

On the go

Ability to access reports from an app

Ability to book appointments from an app

Ability to make payments via an app

Ability to scheduled shifts through an app

Ability to manage appointments from an app


Assistance in migrating your data from the previous provider.

Tools to help migrate information from over 50 other softwares

Telephone support

Free training for life

Switching to Pabau from Cliniko is easy because we are here to help in any way

Clinic Management software that makes booking and rebooking multiple appointments simple and pain free.


Easy Migration

Pabau offers a hands on migration service. We will move all of your clients, products, services, financials, appointments and more for you. When choosing a provider, it’s important to go with experience for that perfect migration. Pabau has performed 1400+ software migrations from over 100 different providers.

Free training for life

You will have the chance to learn powerful business strategies that will help you grow your business. We run daily webinars across various educators. We have content to deliver over 20 modules on the Pabau software so that you can make the most out of your

Support second to none

Customer service and small business go hand-in-hand. Our award winning support team will make you feel right at home.

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