Why is Pabau the right Fresha alternative for you?

Specialised Clinic Software vs Salon Booking System

Get the same convenience of Fresha’s online booking system for salons, but with many more features specifically designed for the clinic and spa workflow.

What is Pabau?

Pabau is an all-in-one clinic and spa management system that saves time and enable’s growth. If clinics or spas needs to do something, our software either automates it, or makes it easier.

The Most Important Differences between Pabau and Fresha

Admittedly we’re a little biased, but here’s a breakdown of the key areas where we think Pabau is better than Fresha for clinics and spas.

For a complete list of Pabau’s features, head to our Overview page

Digital Client Intake Forms

Pabau’s CRM system was specifically built with the clinical workflow in mind.

That’s why you can create custom client intake forms that your patient’s can complete digitally before their booking. The details are automatically pulled into the client’s electronic medial record, so you can do away with any scanning and copying admin work.

Better still, your client intake forms can be setup to automatically provide contraindication notifications, to help ensure your clinic is as safe as possible for your patients.

Go completely paperless: not paper-light

Fresha was built with salons on mind, which means that their service allows salons to go paperless.

However, clinics and spas have greater documentation and paperwork requirements, which Fresha simply can’t cater for. That’s where Pabau comes in.

The entire clinical journey can be taken compeltely paperless within our fully integrated system:

Unique Email/SMS automations for each treatment

Have you ever wished you could setup different messages for the different treatments / services that you offer? The pre-care and after-care emails that you send for a botox treatment, should be different to those for a filler or chemical peel, right?

The same goes for any automated message that encourage customers to book a follow-up treatment – the message AND timing should be different for each treatment.

Pabau’s messaging system is both flexible and powerful enough to do exactly that.

Create an unlimited amount of messaging templates, and connect your choice of template on a per treatment basis.

More Powerful Custom Reporting

Pabau has 150 prebuilt reports, compared to Fresha’s 43.

More importantly though, with Pabau you can create custom reports to be able to track whatever data is most important to you and your business. There are literally thousands of combinations.

Better still, you can combine these custom reports with our integrated marketing tools for laser focused marketing campaigns.

For example – would you like to send an specific email to client’s who have booked more than 5 botox treatments over the past 3 years, but haven’t had a top-up treatment for over 6 months? Maybe you’d like to include a one-off discount code in there too, to give them that extra push towards a repeat booking?

With Pabau – that kind of sophisticated targeting is easy.

Superior Marketing Capabilities

Are you serious about growing your clinic?

If so, you should take a look at our marketing features – not only are they more extensive, but they are also much more flexible.

Pricing Differences

Numerous Commission fees vs Predictable Monthly Subscription

With Pabau, you have completely transparent pricing. We charge a monthly subscription fee based on your number of users. Checkout our pricing details here.

By comparison, Fresha offer a subscription-free product, and instead levy commission charges that some of their users find confusing. If something sounds too good to be true – in our experience it usually is.

Fresha charges £0.03 per email 'blast'. With Pabau - all emails are completely free

With an average sized subscriber list of 1000 users, best-practice is to send c. 4 emails per months. Using Fresha this would add up to £120/month – just to send emails to your hard won subscribers.

In fact, many of the clinics who swapped over from Fresha to Pabau have told us that they also used a separate email system like Mailchimp to avoid these extra charges.

Email marketing is an essential tool for any successful business, and that’s why Pabau has a fully integrated dra-and-drop email system, that allow’s you to send customised emails from one place.

Machinery based booking system

Let’s say one of your treatments requires a particular piece of machinery. This means that you can’t book more than 1 patient for that treatment at a time, even if you have multiple clinicians and treatment rooms.

With Pabau, you can assign treatments to machinery and rooms, so that our intelligent booking system will ensure there are no duplicate bookings when you can only service one type of treatment at a time.

Staff and Multi-location Management

Pabau is much more than a booking calendar and digital client record system.

We offer a complete solution to clinic management.

That includes features designed to manage your staff – everything from documentation management to targets and commissions.

It also includes the ability to manage multiple clinics sites, so that your business will never outgrow your CRM.

Worried about switching away from Fresha? Don't be.

We have a specific team that is dedicated to moving your existing data over to our system.
The average time for this process is just 1 week.

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Case Studies

Take a look at how some of our customers leverage Pabau to help supercharge their clinic’s growth, and maximise their patient experience.

The London Face and Skin Clinic

The London Face and Skin Clinic used Pabau to streamline their patient management process, and drive more bookings with the integrated marketing features.

Secret Enhancements

Using Pabau meant Secret Enhancements could stop managing patient bookings manually. This removed human errors, made planning the day easier, and allowed more time to focus on growing the business.

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