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  • Customer Stories: Institute of Dermatologists

    The Institute of Dermatologists is a patient-centric, world-class Institute of Dermatology where patients are treated by experts in Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology with expertise in all facets of Dermatology.

    One of the things the team at The Institute of Dermatologists pride themselves on is being there for the whole patient journey. The team consists of seven leading Consultant Dermatologists and two Plastic Surgeons who are experts across all Dermatology fields.

    The team considers Pabau an immediate game changer. Pabau gives them a joyous feeling of freedom and it’s been instrumental in helping The Institute of Dermatologists rapidly build their business.

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    The Institute of Dermatologists
    15 Staff members
    1 Location

    The mission

    "At the Institute of Dermatologists we strive to safeguard the very highest standards in the industry. Our mission is to offer the most up-to-date procedures for our patients in a luxurious, comfortable environment to provide the ultimate cosmetic dermatologic experience for our patients, all of this with the help of today's innovative technologies that are now a necessity for our business."

    In their mission to stay in trend with the most up-to-date technology, The Institute of Dermatologists have trusted Pabau to let their business shine and continue to deliver excellent experiences.

    Yesterday's limits no longer exist

    To meet the demands of the booming market, The Institute of Dermatologists knew how to handle all actions quickly and satisfactorily, by using a combination of Pabau features in order to fully digitalize the practice. This led to increased visibility, profitability, productivity and a great reputation.

    The team describes Pabau as an easy way to guide their customers through a clearly defined cycle, which helps them understand their patients better, qualify them, cater to their specific needs, followup with aftercare and begin the cycle again. They are also seeing more recurring revenue from their customer base.

    What made Pabau the right fit for The Institute of Dermatologists

    When it comes to the client experience, the team is always willing to go the extra mile. To them, it’s the little details that count. Pabau allowed to tailor a client journey and a clinic workflow exactly how The Institute of Dermatologists had it pictured and planned, and it was exciting to bring that to reality.

    From the moment the client makes a booking, a branded pre-care email goes out automatically to get them ready for their appointment so each client feels prepared. When the clients arrive, they sign their consent forms directly on the iPad and they are ready to see the specialists. At this point, they are already feeling at ease and the practitioners are able to continue providing an unforgettable experience.

    The results

    The Institute of Dermatologists work is faster and easier than ever and the team has more freedom. They love seeing their customers achieve their goals and know that they're making them happy with their services.

    Pabau has allowed The Institute of Dermatologists to scale the business model, preserving the sales and marketing workflow to a degree that consistently brings in new clients. Accordingly, the team has seen a 4x increase in net profit, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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