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  • Customer Stories: Dr. Jack Kelly

    Professor Kelly is an award winning specialist plastic surgeon, registered with the Irish Medical Council. He has been appointed as an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Plastic Surgery at the National University of Ireland, Galway and is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at University Hospital, Galway. He also has admission privileges at The Galway Clinic and Bon Secours Private Hospital Galway.

    Owning a clinic and winning countless awards and titles might seem like a challenging goal, but our longtime friend and Pabau user, Professor Jack Kelly at The Kelly Clinic, takes it all in his stride.

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    The Kelly Clinic
    14 Staff members
    1 Location

    Cutting-edge software for a powerful clinic

    At The Kelly Clinic, the team prides themselves on providing a personal and high quality service to both existing patients, and new patients. They provide outstanding service for all patients by creating a personalized and effective client pathway which allows the team to deliver the best results and do what they do best.

    Understanding the modern technological changes that pervade all aspects of their business, The Kelly Clinic has leveled up their client experience game by implementing Pabau for their business, as what they believe to be the most innovative system that suits all the needs of their practice.

    How did Pabau shape The Kelly Clinic's workflow?

    Previously, The Kelly Clinic didn’t have a streamlined method to retrieve customer info and medical history forms were at risk of getting lost. Scheduling was difficult and the team wasted precious time on manual processes and tasks. This added up to some missed opportunities, therefore it was time to implement a digital solution that would improve the workflow and store all the information in one place. That’s where Pabau came to the rescue.

    Today, The Kelly Clinic team has found a way to get their time back to take care of their patients and stay entirely focused on their needs by streamlining the clinic processes into Pabau.

    What are the foundations and beliefs that Professor Kelly leads by?

    Dr Jack Kelly deploys a professional, caring, and cutting-edge approach to his services. "By understanding all facets of our clients’ concerns and needs, we aim to deliver the safest and most comprehensive cosmetic solutions utilizing only the latest available technology" says Dr Kelly.

    To achieve the optimal combination of safety and efficacy, The Kelly Clinic's data and client journey is all managed by Pabau, complimenting their state-of-the-art equipment really well and creating a seamless first-class experience for both the team and the clients.

    The results

    Today, The Kelly Clinic team has incorporated many Pabau features into their business, most notably, automatic notifications and online forms. The emailing feature allows them to service their nationwide clientele with completely personalized information. They move fast and they need a software that’s going to move just as fast.

    Pabau now plays an important role in The Kelly Clinic's success. Since implementing Pabau in 2018, the clinic has doubled net profit and annual sales. It has also been able to scale relationships with tens of thousands of customers.

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