Dr Siun Murphy

Dr Siun Murphy, one of Ireland’s top plastic surgeons, shares her journey moving her award winning business from pen and paper to software, and how Pabau ticked all the boxes.

Dr Siun, a Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeon holding appointments at the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, has a strong academic interest and has presented her work at both national and international levels. In addition to her private practice, she remains committed to the public hospital system with clinical and teaching roles.

Today, technology lives at the forefront of Dr Siun’s business model. Ever since Dr Siun implemented Pabau, she has been able to enjoy a workflow that allows her to spend more quality time with things that matter most: her family and her patients.

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Dr. Siun Murphy
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Dr. Siun’s Approach

“I was critically ill as a toddler and a young surgical registrar in Crumlin Hospital saved my life. Since then (I’m told!) I have been passionate about the industry. It is not an easy path, particularly as a woman, and even more so as a mother of four young children!

In my journey to achieve the best for my patients, I have always endeavored to excel at whatever tasks are placed before me and I would’ve not been able to do it without the help of today’s innovative technologies such as using the right software for my business. Pabau has done wonders for me and it has allowed me more time for the things I love, without sacrificing the personal touch with my clients"

What made you digitize your business?

"It was very important for me to have the ability to control my business from anywhere, and Pabau lets me do this which is amazing! Having a dedicated app on my iPhone and iPad at home is great – it’s so easily accessible. The data is at my fingertips and I know it is stored in the most secure platform, which is really helpful for me knowing that I've got everything under control."

How Dr Siun Murphy uses Pabau to her advantage

As a leading surgeon of the industry, Dr Siun has a busy schedule with a great clinic reputation to manage and a handful number of clients to see on a daily basis. She has migrated not only her appointments, but client data and medical records continue to get saved onto the platform in order to ensure she gets consistency and meets all CQC requirements.

All of her teams are now using Pabau from adding leads/contacts through to storing important documents and financials. The team has also been making the most of uploading images and documents into Pabau, rather than having hundreds of photos with client histories floating around the clinic in paper sheets.

What kind of success did you enjoy with Pabau?

"A lot of businesses don’t offer a unique experience to the client, which in our eyes, is a missed opportunity. As soon as we started to use the software, we were able to deliver a personal and memorable experience that truly helped with client retention.

Pabau has definitely made me enjoy the success of my business as it's constantly evolving. The dedication to making it better all the time and the fact that we are always using the latest technologies helps us maintain a great brand image, premium clientele and a successful growing business."


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