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  • Case Study: Dr Dray

    Dr Dray is a renowned Cosmetic Doctor who invented the Mesolift and is a pioneer of aesthetic medicine. His 25+ years of experience, combined with his first class results have earned him worldwide fame and recognition.

    Immensely likeable and full of joie de vivre, wherever Dr Dray goes, fashion folk flock. His empire spans from Kensington, where the newish clinic is chic and airy, to Paris (the eighth arrondissement space is moments from Dior on the glitzy Avenue Montaigne).

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    Dr Dray Clinics
    40 Staff members
    2 Locations

    A story of faith

    After moving to Paris at the age of 25, Dr Dray, Founder of Dr Dray Clinics and inventor of Mesolift, forged a career path at an early age and soon became a pioneer of aesthetic medicine.

    Leading with the philosophy to provide everyone with the best of aesthetic treatments while respecting beauty and naturalness, today Dr Dray takes pride in using all the cutting edge technologies to provide the best experience to his clients at either his London or Paris clinics.

    Improving the quality of care by going digital

    Dr Dray knows how to differentiate himself from his growing competition. He has found a way to get his time back to take care of his patients and stay entirely focused on their needs. Once he was equipped with Pabau's all-in-one solution, it was easier than ever to spend more time with his patients, which makes him stand out for all the extra care he provides.

    By compiling essential data in his cloud-based CRM, he reviews key metrics anytime and identifies areas of improvement and works more quickly to meet the increasing demand.

    A cutting-edge technology at the service of Dr Dray

    Dr Dray found the software platform that could solve many of his problems - Pabau, an all-in-one solution with advanced paperless features and client automation process, customizable client forms, and a multitude of app integrations. Pabau quickly resolved his most pressing need—streamlining his clinic processes into one easy-to-use system.

    Pabau maximized Dr Dray's efficiency by letting him track his clients through every stage of their journey. ”It just feels so good to know that there’s one place where I can easily manage my key tasks,” Dr Dray says. “That’s so important to me because I can often get distracted. Pabau has become an essential resource in maintaining my focus and running every aspect of my business.”

    The results

    Pabau now plays an important role in Dr Dray’s clinic success. The clinic staff reports that their workflow is easier than ever thanks to online bookings, digital forms, nurturing clients, and measurable results.

    Thanks to Pabau's advanced marketing and customer follow-up tools, Dr Drey and his team welcome new leads daily and generate even more revenue from existing clients.

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