Go: Paperless Health Records

Pabau is the only platform you will ever need to go entirely paperless; client photos, digital forms, notes and diagrams, all kept simple and loved by thousands of happy users.

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Our first-class photo feature is the perfect solution to display your expertise, convince patients, compare results and easily document treatment progress.

  • Capture
    Capture beautiful before and after images and keep them safe in the cloud to proudly share your results anytime.
  • Compare photos side by side
    Easily select two pictures to compare and show the reality of your procedures with a total transparency.
  • Share on Social
    Increase your visibility on social media with powerful sharing tools that allow you to publish images at the click of a button.

Client Pathways

Take your care processes to the next level by implementing a seamless client pathway that includes everything you will ever need to provide an extraordinary client experience.

  • Easy to build forms
    Our user-friendly form builder allows you to create your own bespoke forms for client intake, treatment notes and all types of medical forms.
  • Sign digital consents
    With thousands of consent form templates to choose from, Pabau will know what consent form to present to clients based on the treatment they're having, so they can sign it with style!
  • Intake forms
    Provide a better intake experience by sending secure electronic forms to your clients and receiving them back prior to appointments.
  • Aftercare
    Become an important part of your client's recovery process without having to do the manual work. Pabau will send out a personalized aftercare email to show client's you are there for them even after you are done with the treatment.

Treatments made easy

Pabau has taken all aspects of your treatment process in account, to build the most evolutive solution for recording your client's treatment information.

  • Treatment Notes
    Keep a complete record of your patient’s key clinical data and medical history, such as vital signs, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, progress notes, problems, results and more.
  • Face Plot & Diagrams
    Plot points in the areas you've treated by using face charts, body charts, and even client pictures, to keep records of visible treatment history without having to write lengthy notes.
  • Template Library
    Don't have any templates? We've got you! Access a range of customizable templates created by industry experts for Pabau, to help you use any forms and make them yours.

Compliant & Secure

Pabau ensures you drive business with best practices, an essential tool to mitigate medico-legal challenges you may face.

  • Reduce medical mal-practice
    Work closely with the care quality and similar commissions to reduce risk through digital practices. Simple things such as digital consent, mandatory field inputs make for protecting your business against mal-practice.
  • Insurance ready
    Pabau is recognised by several insurance providers. Speak to Pabau regarding which insurance providers will offer you a discount for using our app.


Create custom pathways and empower your patient care
An extended suite of care tools to enhance the client journey.
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Your all-in-one paperless tools for predictable business growth

Pabau's paperless features combine CRM, client data and files, online forms, online appointments, client images and much more in a single, integrated platform.

Sensitive photo detection

Pabau values your client privacy by flagging sensitive photos on patient's records with advanced image detection. Sensitive photos will only be visible to those that need to see them.

Structured records

Easily enter data during each consultation with structured records. The simple format gives you a clear overview of a patient’s past and current treatments.

Bespoke Journeys

Whatever your specialty is, you can easily personalize your own forms and journey structure in Pabau the way that works best for you.

Customisable fields

Customize every record field in your forms, such as consultation forms, medical history questions, informed consents, drawing templates and treatment types.

Any location

Wherever you go, your Pabau patient data goes with you. When used with an iPad, Pabau allows you full mobility, so you can carry it around from reception to consultation room.

Schedule on the go

Never worry if you're not near a computer. Pabau’s mobile app allows you to schedule anytime, anywhere form your phone and quickly review your calendar and patient records.

Before & After Images

Display your expertise and convince patients with before and after images. Using the iPad’s camera, you can take pictures and compare them side by side, or mark areas in the body where you are planning to treat.

Treatment Plans

Pabau contains built-in aesthetic and other treatment plans that you can choose and customize. Automate follow-up instructions via email or customized printouts. Your patients will love coming back!

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