CRM Software for general practice clinics

Inject our CRM system to enhance your clinic

We make your regular tasks easier so you can focus on maximising treatment outcomes and making your clients happy.

Smooth out your operational wrinkles

Our specialised clinic management software helps you to achieve more, with less work.

The benefits:

Reduce time spent on admin

Using automation, Pabau saves clinics an average of 2.5 hours every day - time you could spend building your business.

Improve patient experience

From online booking to paperless forms completed on a tablet - our system allows your to create the perfect patient journey.

Obtain new customers

We make it easier to capture and retain customers with powerful automated marketing features that work for you 24/7.

Pabau explained in 100 seconds

All in one software for General Practice clinics

Stop using multiple systems to manage your clinic.

Pabau’s feature-rich system means that everything you need to run a successful clinic is available under one roof.

Listing everything that we can do would take a while, so instead, why not check out our feature page for yourself?

Take your clinic paperless

Ditch the paper folders and spreadsheets.

A client enters the clinic, and you ask them to fill in a form. That form needs to be filed away with hundreds of others. You’ve done this exact thing loads of times, and it takes forever.

Sound familiar?

Let modern technology make running your practice easier and do away with last century’s method of storing forms. Let Pabau handle data storage, and make everything accessible within a couple of clicks.

What’s more – using paper can end up wasting a heap of cash. Check out our paperless calculator to see how much you could save by going paperless:

Feature Highlights for General Practice Clinics

Here are some of the features that we know are most important to General Practice Clinics

Booking Calendar

Our innovative calendar allows you to view your appointments in any way you prefer including day view, week view, month view, room view, and more.

Our calendar was designed with General Practice clinics in mind and can be accessed from any device with all appointments seen instantaneously across all.

Online Booking

Stop the hassle of going through emails to schedule booking requests! Save time and effort by accepting your injectables, fillers, or other appointments being eligible for online bookings.

With Pabau, you can manage your patient’s booking any time of the day, any day of the week, with its 24/7 booking feature. It automatically populates your booking system with no delays.

Lab Tests

You can request your lab test directly from within Pabau with your chosen lab provider. Once the results are sent back, they will automatically populate into the clients record, which then can be securely and seamlessly shared with your client or third party.

Video Consultations

Clients can’t come to your GP Clinic? We’ve got you. Provide the right care at the right time by connecting with your clients through a secure video consultation platform built to enjoy a seamless consultation.

Go Paperless

Pabau Go is an entirely paperless app to supplement our web version, that makes it easy for medical professionals to empower your business to have an entirely paperless journey.

Pabau will handle the entire patient journey to significantly reduce time spent on tasks such as consenting, medical questionnaires, photos, and more.


Generate your prescriptions straight from the client card. This prescriptions can be shared with the patient directly, or even with our partnered pharmacies via integration. Repeat prescription with ease, and use our BNF Drugs Database integration to have access to thousands of drugs, side effects and more.

Dashboard & Reports

Designed to meet the specific needs of any department within your General Practice clinics, Pabau’s dashboards are crammed with key stats to visually track and analyse multiple data sources.

Behind the scenes, the dashboards connect to your sales, services, KPI’s, client data, whilst on the surface it displays all of this data in the form of tables, charts, and gauges for efficient real-time monitoring.


Install our word add-in, and generate letters directly within Pabau. You can setup your letters to have mail merge tags, making those repeat letters such as GP, consultants an easier task.

All-in-one software For GP Clinics

“After searching and searching we decided to go for Pabau and we are so glad to have done so. Pabau is full of very useful and amazing features, and the best part is how user friendly it is.”

Skin Sense Team

Skin Sense GP Clinic

Everything you need in one software

Bring new clients to your business by using Pabau software for General Practice clinics.

Go Paperless

Pabau Go is an entirely paperless app installed separately from our desktop version, that makes it easy for medical professionals to empower your business to have an entirely paperless journey. This easy-to-use, secure, and entirely paperless medical solution handles all of your tasks during patient consultations, thus helping you save time and money whilst enabling you to focus more on your clinical decisions and running your practice.

Treatment Plans

Boost your patient after-care process! Pabau contains built-in treatment plans that you can choose and customize. Aside from capturing patient signatures and typing in medical histories, you have the option to provide follow-up instructions via email or customized printouts. Your patients will love coming back!

Appointment Book

An innovative all-in-one touch appointment book, that streamlines and simplifies your clinic’s booking process. As an General Practice clinic, our software can be used to book all treatment and medical appointments for your patients. Our user-friendly clinic appointment software means booking, cancelling and rescheduling your clinic’s appointments has never been easier

Patient Pathway’s

All your patients have to do is complete a form, sign the consent for treatment, then send back the tablet. Our smart cam technology then captures an image of the patient, integrates all data, and presents it to you in an easy format. With just a few clicks, your patient can get all the treatments he or she needs. What’s more, you can easily schedule the next follow-up. With such an easy and hassle-free consultation process, your patients will keep coming back for more!

Before & After Images

With Pabau’s smart technology, you can now compare before and after images of your patients. Using the iPad’s camera, take pictures and compare them side by side, or mark areas in the body where you plan to treat as well. Its easy and convenient!

High Value Clients

Look after your very best VIPs by recognising them on arrival. Our iPad app will show you photos upon arrival. You can tag your clients with anything you like such as what type of spender they are, who are their relatives and what’s their favourite products, quick stats, on demand, to create a personal experience.

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