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    Integrate with Xero and Pabau will automatically push across your accounting information without you needing to do a thing.

    What is Healthcode

    Healthcode is a leading provider of IT services for the private healthcare sector focusing on industry solutions. Healthcode’s expertise and industry knowledge helps independent specialists, private hospitals and insurers improve their operational efficiencies.

    Healthcode Ltd. is the only provider of secure online billing to the UK’s private health market. Each year, Healthcode process bills to the value of £2.5 billion for virtually every private UK hospital and medical insurer. For more information please

    Their solutions include the clearing of medical invoices, electronic billing, practice management systems, insurer member database hosting, secure messaging and clinical coding tools.

    What do we do

    The Healthcode integration for Pabau allows for exporting invoices into a special format that can then be processed by Healthcode’s HC VEDA system and then allows for the remittances of processed invoices to be imported back into Pabau.

    Learn more at: https://www.healthcode.co.uk

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