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    Track business performance at a glance.

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    Unlock Dashboards

    Our comprehensive dashboards allow you to visualise your data like never before. Visually looking at your metrics allow for informed decision making. Monitor and measure the metrics that matter to your business most across our 5 dashboards.

    Pabau Trends

    The Pabau trend analysis tool allows you track key KPIs with your businesses performance overtime. In enables you to compare metrics against each other, or even compare locations or employees against each other. For example, if you wish to track your average spend per head in 2020, and measure that against 17,18,19 - a visual chart can appear in the click of a button


    The Pabau Benchmark allows organisations to measure their business performance against their peers. Think of it all as some friendly competition. The companies remain anonymous, and the data is based on metrics amongst 1000 opted in users. Our intelligent benchmark tool will compare you to similar sized clinics.

    Wait.. there's more

    and here are some other features that Intelligence Plus offers

    Marketing dashboard


    Leads dashboard

    Team dashboard

    Business dashboard

    Get more from Plus

    The Pabau plus suite expands our already existing features even more, by taking your business to the next level with our unique tools. Below is just a snippet of what each module offers!

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