CRM Software for laser clinics

Laser focused, super easy clinic management

Streamline bookings, take online payments and automate treatment recalls and reminders with the all-in-one laser hair removal clinic software from Pabau. It reduces admin, increases revenue and gives you more time to spend with your clients.

Remove all the admin headaches and time-consuming tasks

With Pabau’s clinic management software, it’s quick and easy to transform all the day to day admin of your laser hair removal clinic. With just a few simple clicks, you can automate those repetitive jobs, eliminate paperwork, and deliver a better booking, treatment and aftercare process for every client.

The benefits:

Simplify online bookings and payments

Automate treatment reminders and recalls

Save hours of admin time every day

Ditch all those paper patient records

Improve client comms and treatment journeys

Grow your laser hair clinic - effortlessly

Greater clarity. Greater efficiency. That’s what Pabau’s all-in-one laser clinic software delivers.

If you want to run a successful laser hair removal studio, you need software that makes everything easier. Software that gives you crystal-clear overviews of calendars and schedules, that prevents missed appointments and double bookings, takes payments automatically and puts a stop to manually searching for medical history forms.   

That’s exactly what Pabau does (plus a whole lot more).

Pabau helps you do just that.

Everything you need to Run, Market, Manage and Report on your laser hair removal clinic’s success

Say goodbye to old fashioned, manual processes. Say hello to quicker and simpler laser clinic management that improves results across the board. More treatments, more revenue, more satisfied clients – all with one simple piece of software.

Pabau is the only tool you need to run, market, manage and report on your clinic’s performance any time, any place, any device.

Run your clinic your way

Take online appointments without relying on receptionists. Make block bookings for laser treatments without any hassle. Assign machines and/or treatment rooms without worrying about clashes. With Pabau, it’s never been easier to run your clinic your way. 

Pabau delivers instant colour-coded overviews into daily schedules, customised treatment plans, and personalised client experiences. It gives you more time to do what you love: treat clients.

Market your laser services more efficiently

Fed up of using multiple systems to attract new clients, re-engage existing ones and promote your wide range of laser treatments? Pabau streamlines all your marketing, all from one place. 

Simply use your built-in CRM database and integrated marketing tools to email prospects, promote new offers, text current clients and stay front of mind. It’s easy to run referral programs, automate follow-ups, request feedback and build a loyal client following.

Manage your staff more effectively

Expanding your laser hair removal clinic means taking on more staff… but that comes with its own challenges. Daily rota management, holiday planning and performance monitoring. Good job Pabau takes care of it all.

With customisable staff profiles and permissions, built-in activity tracking and KPI reviews, it’s quick and easy to promote best practice in your clinic. Make sure forms are completed, processes followed, and before and after images taken for every client.

Report on exactly how your clinic is performing

Do you know how many treatments your clinic does every week on average? Do you know the most popular area of skin? Or who your most valuable clients are? Or who your best performing staff are? With Pabau you will. 

It gives you complete oversight and insight into every area of your clinic – from sales and marketing, to forms completed and follow-ups sent. All the essential metrics you need are all customised on your personal dashboard – for both single and multi-site clinics.

The biggest and most successful skin clinics and laser hair removal studios are already using Pabau to save time, effort and money.

The essential clinic management features every laser hair removal clinic needs

Instant online bookings

Let your clients book any time, any place, with the quick simple booking tool that sits directly on your website. Customise treatment types and times any way you like.

Integrated no show protection

Request deposits automatically with every booking (or set preferences based on new or repeat clients) to prevent time wasters and protect your clinic from costly no-shows.

Integrated before and after

Personalise your clients’ consultation process with medical history forms branded to your clinic and tailored to request all the specific information you need for any given treatment.

Automated session reminders and follow-ups

Don’t waste hours of your time manually booking in multi-session appointments, chasing clients and delivering aftercare advice. Just use Pabau to automate the whole process.

Superior before and after images

Forgot to capture that stunning transformation? Not anymore. Built in reminders, smart matching software and side by side views prioritise before and after shots for every client.

Personalised promotional tools

Promote flash sales or specific treatment discounts, sell gift vouchers, and create your own referral program - all at the click of a button, all straight from your Pabau dashboard.

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