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Pabau will capture all your enquiries and transfer the clients data direct into its CRM system, making it easier to track, contact and convert prospective customers.

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Pabau software can be integrated into your website, ensuring all leads and patient queries that come through from your website can be easily filtered and managed by your front desk team. The healthcare software is a great way to prevent any leads falling through the cracks, or getting lost in your emails.

The feature also supports staff allocation. With Pabau you can allocate and designate patient follow-ups to members of your staff that are best equipped to respond to the patient and their needs.


Pabau lets you write your own rules when it comes to patient lead management. Our software allows you to automate responses to patients based on their specific query.

With Pabau you’re able to create, publish and send spam-free forms requesting further patient information, as well as medical history and healthcare details.

All leads are transferred into your unique CRM system - making it easier to track, contact and convert leads into loyal patients.

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Our client management software allows you to score visitor and patient data from your website into your CRM system. By recording and scoring your visitors from leads to customers, you’re able to follow their entire patient life-cycle and understand at what stage of the journey they turned from a prospect, to a patient. Essentially the software details the patient’s path-to-purchase.

These learning can then be recorded with the CRM and any common trends observed across similar profile groups should be used to inform your marketing strategies, and be replicated against further leads.


  • Fantastic software and great customer support. The system works as promised and has great add-on's which help to personalize the system to suit your salon size etc. The guys are always happy to help however small or silly the problem might be. :)

    • Samuel David
  • Implemented the system in both clinics very quickly. So easy to use and the inbuilt marketing function allows me to reach out to clients by email and text seamlessly. I've used a lot of systems in my career and this is up there with the best.

    • Cavendish Clinic

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