Our forward-looking leadership team is comprised of dedicated, focused and experienced executives.

Executive Board

Behind every successful company, there is a team of visionary leaders. Meet our forward-looking, dedicated, focused and experienced leadership executives.

William Brandham

Chairman of the Executive Board / CEO

Kane Wickson

Member of the Executive Board / COO

Senior Leadership Team

We introduce to you our senior executive team - keen and devoted experts, responsible for flawless technical structure and cutting - edge technology

James Colton

Chief Technical Officer / CTO

Nenad Jovanovski

Chief of Awesomeness / CA

Management Team

We have assembled a team of highly skilled management professionals with years of experience - Meet our committed and proficient management team

Ben G.

Business Development Lead

Petar K.

Customer Service Lead

Stefani T.

Account Manager Lead

Armend R.

Onboarding Lead

Alex A.

Education Lead

Arta M.

Recruitment Lead

Sanja M.

Human Resources Lead

Mario T.

Finance & Office Lead

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