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  • Case Study: Maison Lutetia

    The history of Maison Lutetia begins in Paris, in a Haussmann-style mansion dating from the end of the 19th century. Proud ambassador of natural beauty and specialists in aesthetic medicine, Lutetia clinic offers its patients a 360° experience with the most innovative tools that the industry has to offer.

    Today, Maison Lutétia is known to be using the most cutting-edge technologies for the management of their clinic, while the foundation of their treatment protocol is deeply traditional. From their interior to their philosophy on beauty, the team pursues what is natural, authentic, and yet.. remarkable.

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    Maison Lutetia
    100 Staff members
    2 Locations

    The story

    Maison Lutétia, one of the leading aesthetics clinic in Paris, opened their clinic in 2014 offering trusted aesthetic medicine and advanced DHI hair restoration.

    The clinic is designed to reflect the beauty and ambiance of its namesake, each section meticulously planned and designed, elegant and quintessentially French.

    Today, technology lives at the forefront of Lutetia's business model. Since the business implemented the Pabau platform, it has grown to over 50,000 new clients with an additional location in Dubai, delicately mixing the Parisian and Middle Eastern cultures.

    What trends in the industry drove the need to use Pabau?

    Compared to the early ages of the healthcare industry, when most patients had similar requests, the team at Lutetia have seen a new variety of patients arrive in their office: men and women of all ages, much more informed and demanding, and with very specific expectations. These patients expect doctors to use the most recent and innovative technologies, just as they do, and they need to be reassured but also, convinced.

    As a growing business, Lutetia found the need to adopt a set of new innovative technologies to meet their daily challenges and improve their clinic.

    How has Pabau benefited Maison Lutetia?

    Lots of processes at Maison Lutetia were linked to paperwork: medical reports, client history, bookkeeping, prescriptions, and more. In their search of finding an integrated solution that includes a solid practice management system, an innovative online platform, and limitless promotion possibilities, Pabau was the platform that ticked all the boxes.

    Today, the team at Lutetia are enjoying the benefits of their user-friendly software to easily maintain up-to-date information about patients, offer quality support, gather valuable insights, and provide efficient customer management processes. There are a considerable number of daily tasks that must be completed for the internal processes to function correctly. The good news is that Pabau is entirely dedicated to the needs of Maison Lutetia, that combines all the above tools and technologies into one system.

    Moment of truth

    Pabau has allowed Maison Lutetia to scale the business model, preserving the sales and marketing workflow to a degree that consistently brings in leads. Accordingly, the Lutetia team has seen a 3x increase in net profit—and shows no signs of slowing down.

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